Hyorin blue crab what? … The netizen “the confident appearance is wonderful”


Hyorin blue crab climbs the Portal site real time searching Eo all day and it is becoming a hot issue. It is due to a sob history ‘the blue crab dance’ photograph which almost be previously revealed in MBC ‘radio star’. There was ” Hyorin singing skill and it was cool and the netizen was pleased with the personality in the Portal site and on-line community till the healthy beauty in Ras on the 31st of last month after long interval. What it is printed ” (reda****) is eagerly done the song is held up The man ” (kwak****) ” Hyorin I who it is wonderful, is passionate in the duty is good. The ability is the best. It is the talented singer without to drop out from one song dance performance what. In this way, the man is not, the reaction of ” (goch****) “hyorin supports, the confident appearance is wonderful” (cjdc****) back is shown. On its own graphite oblique photograph mentioned Hyorin in ‘radio star’ broadcasted on 30th. The graphite oblique photograph is repeatedly taken when ” what installs him eagerly. So, it didn’t do eagerly and it was in trouble intended to do to be beautiful but if it rose to the stage, that opened frankly well heart in reality. At this time, the picture which the appearance in which it dances the dance which bought the graphite of Hyorin and is called as 1 ‘the blue crab dance’ among the photo is contained was trying to be opened. However, the prepared photo was chopped for the world saying that it could not open for Hyorin. Hyorin spoke as “there is no number which is so absurd and which it doesn’t see” “even if 0 is not done, it finds all and will see”. F X LUNA appearing together told “the men are likely to wonder more if it doesn’t open”. His hunch was right. All day, all Badat the interest ‘hyorin blue crab’ comes up to the Portal site real time searching Eo Hyorin knows the place which “it is thankful to ‘ radio star ‘ brothers” ” crab soup is tasty from the Osen and interview. All Moat the interest it tells it will sting it will visit sooner or later
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1744566.htm, 2019/02/01 00:00:03]