Minsu Choi and retaliation driving suspicion → ‘the couple lived together but thought differently 2′ Gyeolbang? …’The dispute Ing’


While the actor Minsu Choi changed into the retaliation driving charge with the prosecution without detention, ‘the couple lived together but thought differently 2’ Gyeolbang news was known, It became SBS variety program ‘the couple lived together but thought differently 2- you my destiny’, that is the broadcasting schedule, according to 1 on-line Portal site broadcast program timetable with Gyeolbang on the coming fourth and the movie ‘Ritteulporeseutteu’ was organized to this hour with the substitution. The couple giving Minsu Choi steel was the appearance on the stage schedule on ‘the couple lived together but thought differently 2’ from 4th. As to ‘the couple lived together but thought differently 2’ Gyeolbang, there is in relation with the Minsu Choi retaliation driving charge controversy. The South Seoul District Public Prosecutor’s Office announced previously on the 29th of last month, when the car ahead obstructed the route to 1 o’clock in the Seoul Yeouido one road at September last year in the afternoon on 17th, then Minsu Choi insulted the abuse, and etc. to the opponent that it stopped suddenly after overtaking and the accident was opened. In conclusion, the prosecution without detention did Minsu Choi with the suspicion including the special threat, special property damage, insult, and etc. However, the dispute became fierce with the correspondence of the minsu Choi according to this more. Minsu Choi cooperated all sincerely in ” prosecution investigation in the international news on the 31st of last month. It followed because the feel which it will be good if it appreciated, “***” counter driver the feel victimized direction is my car spoiled in advance got and the fight stuck and the painter corresponded because of taking the insulting end and it insisted. After that, it refuted to the insistence that the opponent’s car was destroyed with the retaliation driving of Minsu Choi “when there is the part to look more into right and wrong”. Meantime, why ‘the couple lived together but thought differently 2’ production crew revealed in the call “in the Portal site time table, it is indicated as Gyeolbang. However, it is clearly decided yet” “the standpoint will be announced after discussing” on 1st.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1744601.htm, 2019/02/01 10:27:44]