‘raep’ axe.’ found on Yaeneung 新 ‘Kkilbil’The unique sense of presence ‘


The wrapper axe emitted the sense of presence from ‘Kkilbil’ first broadcasting. MBC variety program ‘ Kkilbil (Target broadcasted on the 31st of last month: In the Billboard-KILL BILL and under ‘Kkilbil’)’, the head axe of the Republic of Korea hiphop label appeared and the charisma was emitted and TV viewers were captivated. The self-confidence was expressed, saying that the axe appearing in this day survivor as the participant for the first time was “even if someone will come out, it will be not involved and it will know and he will fall”. After that, it revealed by the idea to control the appearance on broadcasting after ‘Kkilbil’ and was the unlike other people will engaging in this survivor the steps. The natural flow the hatchet was made as if the stage was decorated with the integer with ‘the spirits Obeu ecstasy’ and it played with the exact pronunciation of the axe peculiarity and stage. It praised, saying that it was “the axe, just, the He’s Swag On” this which is the mountain on this. After axe visited the supermarket rain and shamelessness before this contest directly and found till the advice about the know-how and showed the zeal. The yes or no is broadcasted in two times of next week to kick the inorganic of the spleen in which the axe prepares ambitiously and the first contest 1 Deung. Meantime, ‘Kkilbil’ is the hip-hop survivor program in which the axe, presentation, and mountain are all called out from the godfather YDG (donggeun Yang) of the hip-hop till the cheetah, rhythm power, and rain Y and which spreads the rap battle in order to occupy the Billboard chart. The Billboard emperor DJ Rideu Kkal (DJ Khaled) and the chance which can be worked are given to the artist taking the final win and it comes out on the Billboard occupation of the natives U.S.A of the hip-hop. The program is broadcasted every week thursday afternoon at 11:10.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1744614.htm, 2019/02/01 10:57:19]