The celebration message in which NCT degrees the soul and birthday are right and which local and foreign fandom tells


The idol daytime rank site ‘the Ppaenaen star’ which Deoppaekteu manages succeeded the birthday support of the group NCT degrees zero and the display panel which is shown in Japan was opened, 1 ‘the Ppaenaen star’ revealed the birthday congratulations view image of the degrees zero show in the large electric board located in the Tokyo in Japan. On last December 28th, ‘the Ppaenaen star’ opened the birthday support event of the degrees the soul and achieved 100%. Therefore, the large screen advertisement located in the Tokyo in Japan was settled. The ment of the fans participating in the birthday support of the degrees the soul and photo is listed at the revealed image. The nickname ‘the stuff Apostle the soul’ told as “yeonga Do birthday is congratulated”. The nickname ‘rpkdy621 a’ congratulates ” birthday. It is appreciated in Ttaeeonajwo. It was continuously the light Na liquor tax for us in the future. It loved and congratulated the ~. Yeonga Do the nickname ‘the Neulbom 21’ asks ” this a year well The birthday was congratulated, it rooted. As to the nickname ‘yeongdo Do the soul E’, congratulate ” Yeonga Do birthday. When being always happy, then it didn’t have a pain in the ~ and the year 2,019 expressed the love as the ~. Our baby which is the most beautiful in ” world and the nickname ‘steady 99’ shines In Ttaeeonajwo, it is really appreciated. All Kkeureot the attention it tells as the ~ it lovesMeantime, ‘the Ppaenaen star’ holds ‘the Deoppaekteu music awards’ come on April 24th Namdong-gu Incheon Namdong gym.
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