The freelancer reporter Kim Woong and live broadcasting appearance “end if it apologizes”


Freelancer reporter Kim Woong Ssi which insists to be assaulted to Son Suk-hee JTBC chief executive officer, appeared on the broadcasting directly and its own position about the dispute was revealed. It is the first time that Kim Kija is in front of camera after the violence dispute. Kim Kija appeared on the channel A news live broadcasting ‘the news TOP10’ on January 31st. It was the Seoul Mapo on the 10th of last month and He insisted on Son Suk-hee representative director “if 6 syllables and ‘ outstanding person feels sorry just, ‘ Kim Woong feels sorry, it tells, all ones end” stirring conflict in Sangam-dong’s one Japanese restaurant. He told and, “the employment was proposed as the thankfulness and anxiety which didn’t put the auto accident in a paper and deals in advance”. Previously, JTBC Chwieopcheongtakha Kim Kija, and it accused to the prosecution of the charge including threat, and etc., saying that it was “the essence of one which Kim Woong Ssi asked for the illegal employment, it doesn’t become as one likes, rather threatens Son president this case” this. All Badat the interest this day channel A ‘the news TOP10’ broadcasting the exclusive interview of Kim Woong reporter records the high audience rating of 4.293% The position of many I was strongly appealed among the broadcasting and Kim Kija created the mood in Deut waging the verbal battle against the Anchor inn Soonuk Hwang reporter. Kim Kija was known through the live broadcasting originally to be exposed to the camera that there was the uterine tube which there is too much until the appearance decision as if it felt uncomfortable. The trouble was in the beforehand tuning for the live broadcasting interview, and etc. it is the rumor that it was aware of the direction of public opinion, including, predicted wavelength, and etc. after broadcasting in relation with this issue. Meantime, Kim Woong reporter emphasized once again separately from this day live broadcasting appearance on the stage through its own position door “in the news room anchor briefing, the violence fact will be forgived all ones if it will apologize with the accreditation”. If it will apologize with the accreditation, the violence fact will be forgived all ones at this news room anchor briefing to condemn Son Suk-hee president and I as the shameless human. Additionally, on thing crime having no trouble will not be asked. Really the suspicion about me which you indicate is mean and it is poor. It will not take mention obstinately again from here. In boss Son and studio, the sharp point of the junior reporters with cannot be coped in the scene even if you may be the emperor. Remember all cases which you make the fact that it happened in the studio outside. The worth of our society conservative is so. It doesn’t depend on the progress value, moreover, one news anchor. Therefore, it is not, the measure even by being muddied. Mouth and lips one’s old mother health of wishes to be well taken care. Thank you January 31, 2,019
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