‘the Hae two 4’ Byeonggyu Cho “with the Kim Bora and love affair NO melodrama Sea Yoon”


The actor Byeonggyu Cho denies the Kim Bora and love affair in ‘the Happy Together 4’ and the eyes is. In ‘the children of Castle’ feature of KBS 2TV ‘the Happy Together 4’ broadcasted on the 31st of last month, JTBC drama ‘SKY Castle’ child actor Byeonggyu Cho, Kim Bora, Gimhye gloss, Chanhui, Kim Donghui, and this support appeared. This day Byeonggyu Cho mentioned the Kim Bora and love affair the beautiful face of Sea Yoon with the elucidation. Previously, in ‘SKY Castle making video, the scene in which Byeonggyu Cho catches and helps the arm of the Kim Bora is contained and the rumor about falling in love of 2 people are brought up. Does ” I talk Byeonggyu Cho to the Kim Bora when this day love affair is mentioned? Does the sister tell? The Kim Bora at was looked. After that, he is familiar by ” we. If the making video was being taken and the Kim Bora sister didn’t have the energy, there was no muscles in “***” body and the shooting was ended, it collapsed throughly and this day was likely to end the shooting and it is likely to be bumped and the job child was given and it explained. Moreover, it confessed “sea Yoon and melodrama would like to be put”. Sea Yoon was pointed out and Byeonggyu Cho spoke to the word asking the worst mom “because of when considering the mom, sea Yoon senior is so beautiful and is not immersed” “it meets by the coactor and they would like to act”. When asking if it will be good for this if MC will be any kind of coactor, then it added “it would better meet by the landlord madam and boarder” “when the madam will be the single and the first meetings will like the real estate” and Byeonggyu Cho evoked laughter. Meantime, it seeks at ‘SKY Castle’ like the crime thriller main character of the film and Byeonggyu Cho plays a role of the character Kijun Cha who is the forage. The drama, as to the last episode is broadcasted today (a day) at 11 p.m.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1744595.htm, 2019/02/01 09:30:56]