The Kong Hyunchoo and 1-year-old associative memory people and non-disclosure marriage.’The bride ‘ of March


All Ullin the actor Kong Hyunchoo the wedding marchAs to the Kong Hyunchoo agency jelly fish entertainment, the official announced “the bride of March comes to the actor Kong Hyunchoo” the marriage news with formal report data on 1st. After that, the agency gave notice “march 16th which it comes after having the serious meeting with the Kong Hyunchoo the reserve bridegroom of the Kong Hyunchoo decided to become the partner by the owner of the consideration which is deep for the rain entertainer of 1 associative memory engaged in the financial business and nature reliable”. Moreover, it added “it is the schedule which the relatives who is close to the parents from both families and families the > acquaintance invites and which celebrates the quiet wedding ceremony. The understanding which is wide to be difficult to open about the details is asked”. Finally, it told “the beautiful future spreading in the future wishes to be full with the blessing and hapiness”. The acting made debut as the drama ‘all-in’ and it appeared in the various works and the Kong Hyunchoo had been being active. It played an active part in not only ‘the single is not’ ‘the revolt of the wife’ ‘wedding’ ‘the idiot mother’ ‘we can love’ ‘the hotel king’ ‘be entranced by the purity’ ‘the love, drop by drop’ ‘the Busan Port child it comes back’ etc. inner room but also screen. And the talent was exhibited in the many-sidedness till the broadcasting article talents and MC progress. Meantime, the agency revealed that it had been being the active actor activity after the Kong Hyunchoo got married. Under is the Kong Hyunchoo agency official position speciality. Hello. It is the agency jelly fish entertainment of actor Kong Hyunchoo Ssi. Report the news which on Kong Hyunchoo Ssi is happy. The bride of March comes to actor Kong Hyunchoo Ssi. This year rib kneader the people of one associative memory in visits Kong Hyunchoo Ssi on March 16th Seoul somewhere which and wedding ceremonyThe reserve bridegroom of Kong Hyunchoo Ssi was being engaged in the financial business. And reliable after having Kong Hyunchoo Ssi and the serious meeting, the partner decided to change into the owner of the deep consideration and nature. As much as it is the people who the reserve bridegroom is ordinary, it becomes to the relatives the acquaintance who is close to the parents from both families and families invite and celebrate the wedding with the private silently. The understanding which is wide to be difficult to open on details is asked. The trust and each other deep fruit good fruit that it is the marriage based on the love is finished. And the congratulation and cheer which is many in Kong Hyunchoo Ssi having the new start ahead wishes to be sent. Moreover, the spreading and beautiful future wishes to be full with the blessing and hapiness. Kong Hyunchoo Ssi is planning to keep the working which is active after getting married, it asks many interests. Thank you
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