The New Year holidays winner?including ‘extreme Job’ · ‘the half of Ppaeng’ · ‘the dragon training 3’, and etc.


The New Year holidays was just around the corner. It attracts attention with the middle in which it visits the theater district which the have a good quality and colorful works will undertake if really the winner of this holidays comes to any kind of movie. As to this holidays, the comedy, passing through the interest of the whole family the animation and delightful action genre is expected to have the competition. 12.6% with the second ‘the dragon training 3’ and the third ‘ theatrical version hello Cabot the first place of booking rate is taking possession of the booking rate 51.3% with ‘extreme Job’ according to Korean Film Council movie ticket integrated computer network a.m. 10 on 1st: 5.7% was recorded as the Seoul ‘, that is the secret ‘10.8% and quarternity’ Ppaeng half ‘10.3% and the fifth the bulletproof Boy Scouts documentary’ rub young fish self of the Omphalos island. In the holidays end, SF genre visits the audience. The known Ri dozen having the unsealing ahead on the coming fifth: The battle angel ‘2.8% was shown and the sixth was recorded.’The booking rate of the Extreme Job ‘ is noticeably high. Five Ibnang of Mattatteurin narcotic team founds the disorganizational crisis the narcotic chicken restaurant for the criminal syndicate sweeping with the stomach. ‘extreme Job’ is the comic investigation pole drawing the story which gets wider while this store gets to follow the word of mouth with the good restaurant. The unsealing is attracting the audience on the 23rd of last month every day. Lee Byung-hun director producing ‘twenty’ ‘the wind wind’ etc. made. And the Ryu Seongryong this west wind ferryboat Gyu Idonghwi resonance lamp performed the hot rolling and the cheerful work was completed. It is the box office 1 march on 1st. The day before ‘extreme Job’ attracted the audience 350,600 Yeo people (about 4.8088 million accumulated audience) and rose per B. ‘the dragon training 3’, that is two Wi of booking rate, opened with the hiccup which is reborn as the head of a clan in viking and animation putting the last adventure which visited the Paradise hidden world of the dragon which his eternal Ttuseul leaes is unable to visit someone and which it leaves on the 30th of last month. All Moeun the interest with the work which it induces the interest of the whole age group as well as the strong support of the lovers and is good for the last chapter of the series because the New Year holidays whole family appreciates. The expectancy leans to the New Year holidays activity of ‘the half of Ppaeng’ which meets the audience of the day before audience 122,700 Yeo people (about 390,700 accumulated audience) and is located at two Wi of box office. The wing rod 한 ‘the half of Ppaeng’ like ‘the dragon training 3’ is the crime entertainment action genre film drawing the struggle by oneself activity of the hit-and-run task force ‘the half of Ppaeng’ chasing the control inability F1 racer native businessman Jaecheol Chung (cockpit). ‘chinatown’ Hahn, Han Junhui director found the megaphone and the acting ability and it makes the ball filial duty actors possessing the charisma without exception including Ryujun heat Cho Jung-suk Chunga Yum Jeon Hye-jin, which and etc. was a lot mobilized.
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