The steam Sun precious stone Vs Yeongnam Moon and grace of Empress why it is like that


The frontal attack of ‘the blind end in a mine gallery Gye godmother’ Soonoak Kim writer and Yeongnam Moon writer It is indeed interesting. In the ground wave tree pole, mun author chase Kim author and this which preoccupies and is running the first toward the end is captivating the viewers with ‘blind end in a mine gallery’ story utilizing the feature (?) of each other. SBS TV drama on Wednesdays and Thursdays ‘the grace of Empress’ 41 time 42 time broadcasted according to the TV rating research firm Nielsen Korea on 1st on the 31st of last month recorded 14.9% and 16.7%. It is 12.9% which the day before broadcast installment records and figure which 2%, 1.7% point rises more than 15%. The KBS2 TV drama on Wednesdays and Thursdays ‘poongsang Wae is overdoed’ 15 time 16 time recorded 8.4% and 9.5%. 0.2% point degree was risen more than 9.3% which the day before broadcast installment records. If the audience rating transition of ‘why, Poongsang in’ is examined, it starts with 6 %daes and 10% through is broken and the upward movement is displayed. All Kkeureot the peculiar interest it makes stand it is comic the sympathy of the viewers was unable to be incurred with the family setting going overboard with the opening part a bit Here, the degree of concentration was improved while the Yujun has the acting ability look, Oh Geehoh, Lee Si-yeong, Jeonhyebin, Lee, Yi Changyeop, and etc. which digested its own role excellently. As to ‘why, Poongsang in’, which is run toward the mid-section the hero this windburn (the Yujun envelope) received the diagnosed with liver cancer against and the large-scale shock was given to the viewers. As to the tear Eop, there are no one of a pair that aspects of this windburn without the seen number is stuffy. However, the Kkeul Eo is putting the audiences forward while the energy of each character is displayed. Meantime, ‘the grace of Empress’ is captivating the audience with the ending startled all of a sudden with each time. The person are making so that the next episode can, cannot be missed while one and two Ssik disentangle the secrets which they were holding. The Sseoni Oh (the Nara Jang) found the appearance in which the Hwangtaeje profit (five Buddhist doctrine gloss) falls down due to the attack of the unidentified assailant in the broadcasting on the 31st of last month. Sseoni Oh finds the brooch of the Leehyeok (the divinity rock) in the field. It doubts when the unidentified assailant will be him. Leehyeok witnessing this situation doubts Sseoni Oh just at the right time and the trust is cracked. This scene skyrocketed up to the highest ratings 18.2%. The poisonous smoke of Nara Jang captivates the attention. It approaches so that it can be fresh even when the looks in which He giving mainly the role which was so far cute and is lively goes the knife for the revenge is different. Here, while the Choi Chinhyeok in which it performs the divinity rock drawing delicately the changed feeling and smoke where there is the perseverance and which is in harmony, the synergy is caused. As to the steam writer, the city putting emphasis on all characters is making to cannot take eyes off the takes off. One a character is not carelessly dealt and the drama builds the strong energy. The interest is concentrated if how much is not remained till the end now, shocking any kind of eventuality is shown.
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