The steel Daniels and Lm the entertainment transfer of registration · the fandom order announcement.’The solo preparations for going out to attack completion ‘


The preparation which finished wanna circle activity and in which the singer river Daniels is again born in the solo singer was finished. The river Daniels new agency Lm entertainment presented formal report data on the 31st of last month and revealed “the exclusive contract with MMO entertainment of the steel Daniels and Geesung Yoon is terminated from January 31st. It is changed to LM entertainment, that is from February 1st new agency,”. After that, the agency gave notice “LM entertainment is planning to run out the total strength with the professional entertainment company for the steel Daniels and Geesung Yoon in supporting the solo activity of 2 artists”. Moreover, the announcement in which it recruits the fandom order of the steel Daniels came up. The steel Daniels informed through the text “the official fandom order conspiracy with is trying to be proceeded with beating everyone wait for the new start of the steel Daniels” “the nice opinion which meaningful in the future as the valuable name phosphorus which gets to symbolize us and the love is fullness contained is sent”. The steel Daniels is showing the star quality which is already enough as the solo singer. Previously, the steel Daniels fan cafe exceeded 100,000 the numbers of members opening 39 hour at 34 minutes. And MMO entertainment reveals “the fan cafe the number of members of the steel Daniels set up on 21st exceeded 100,000 people, 34 minute at 3 o’clock this morning” on the 23rd of last month. This is the record which it takes when wanna circle achieves 100,000 fan cafe the number of members and in which it is faster than 52 hours 50 minutes. The steel Daniels Instagram follower number proves his topic of conversation already. The steel Daniels Instagram personal account recorded 1 million number of follower at 36 minutes to set up on the 1st of last month. This was recorded in the Guinness Book of Records in the achievement time which is faster than the record which Ppeuranchiseukko Pope forms in 2016. Meantime, the new nest is turned and “the steel Daniels and new starting for will be rooted” (dbud****) ” steel Daniels and fresh start have the steel Daniels fans together with the steel Daniels prepared the world of singers return. The fandom order supports the Seolle ” (star122500) ” steel Daniels and new starting already. LM enter is well asked, ” (yess****) ” the steel Daniels solo activity is expected. There is that it roots always and ” (audt****) back comment is hung and the wave of the cheer is sent.
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