6 million breakthrough… New Year holidays performance run alone in ‘extreme Job’ 12


The movie ‘extreme Job’ carried the New Year holidays premium on the movie ‘extreme Job’ back and 6 million audiences were passed in eleven days of premiere, ‘extreme Job’ exceeded 6.001695 million standard accumulation number of spectator according to 2 days Korean Film Council integrated computer network this day at 5:28 p.m. It renewed whether it passes 5 million audiences in the day before (a day) unsealing 10 days or not. The man (20 days) ‘it is the result that it establishes early.’ in which It becomes the Extreme Job ‘6 million breakthrough record is the first place of successive generations foreign currency movie box-office ranking in eleven days of premiere’ avatar (17 days) ‘the domestic movie which is fast and the stuff mobilizes the spectator’ veteran (12 days) ‘,’ monster (12 days) ‘,’ mine pollution king and kingAs to the Extreme Job ‘, on 2nd standard theater of whole nation movie ticket booking Yul, that is the stood first day of holidays, is recording the first as 60.8%. Here, the performance run alone of ‘extreme Job’ is expected to last for the New Year holidays because of get Naver spectator grade 9.34 Deung favorable criticism. Meantime, ‘extreme Job’ is the comic investigation pole in which Lee Byung-hun director producing the movie ‘twenty’ finds the megaphone and which the actor Ryu Seongryong who is Haet takes the box-office trend care of the starring with ‘gift from Room 7’ and ‘conviviality’ etc.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1744733.htm, 2019/02/02 22:08:47]