‘is the going home for holiday tedious?’… the preventing sleep driving recommendation music 5


The holidays like the gold to be stopped for the race to holiday started. Were you fully full of the expectancy with the idea which goes to leave busy every day behind and meet the family in hometown after long interval? So, it prepared. The playlist for sleepiness prevention for the audiences leaving for the hometown It selected carefully with the music which it can enjoy without exception specially from the youth till the elder. The drowsy driving the prohibition the Geurip families of are thought it is the blocked highway It wishes to be the holidays which is abundant and the smile is full. ◆ Recommend the emotion as OST of the movie ‘bohemian Rhapsody’ causing the Queen ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ this fall and heavy wind of ‘N difference seeing’ once again in the meaning that it accumulates the memory of the going home for holiday ‘the family Tte window’ once again. If it was unable to be well fully aware of the housework, even if ‘mama’ of the introduction portion is followed and it calls, it will be cheerful. ◆ ‘girls’ Generation’ 20 part of the Lee Seung-Chul · Girls’ Generation is well known. The song ‘girls’ Generation’ the adults know well is the song which is suitable for the going home for holiday playlist. The melody and cheerful housekeeping cute housekeeping is the tune which is quite proper to prevent the drowsy driving. In addition, ‘girls’ Generation’ of Lee Seung-Chul the adults know well and ‘girls’ Generation’ which Girls’ Generation causes is compared and it is likely to be the parents and story very good for the division. ◆ it is the song which is good to enjoy together in the car which the whole family ‘bright Twilight’ ‘bright Twilight’ of the Lee, Yi Moonse · big bang goes down. One which compares and listens the song which the original music of the Lee, Yi Moonse and big bang arranges will be the different experience. I make the chance which loves you and friendly accumulates ‘it calls with the refrain. And’ family love. ◆ it is the referral tune that sleep coming in crowds into the world idol and strong wrapping of ‘IDOL’ RM of the bulletproof Boy Scouts runs away with a great puff and ‘IDOL’ of the bulletproof Boy Scouts. It is the tune which becomes more and more till the rhythm of the Korean tradition and can listen the adults smoothly gaily. The proud can bulletproof Boy Scouts song moving up and down the Billboard chart drop out of the playlist? ◆ this song which is famous at North Korea, this in which the girl group red velvet invited to ‘the red taste’ Pyongyang performance of the red velvet sang in the North Korean land and which It became the sensation song, and ‘the red taste’ recommend the great strength to the going home for holiday playlist. It doubles only by listening the song in being the tune in which the refreshing since sound and melody smells strongly of the summer atmosphere rhythmical to be cheerful. How is to set up a plan if how it sends ‘holiday’ which listens the refrain in which ‘the red taste’ is repeated and as in gold is continued?
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