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Did the New Year holidays which the whole family got together and you share the warm feeling, in addition shares the New Year’s resolution came? By while or using the holiday as the hometown, the step is busy with the travel site, the eyes is on the meeting with the public upon the stars strive eagerly. Till the work publicity activities from the fan meeting and radio broadcasting The stars selecting the meeting with the public than the New Year holidays rest were cleared. ◆ the actor Park Bo-gum whose the feeling is warm whenever it read the first of the ten celestial stems kneader to meet Park Bo-gum and Asian fan went into the meeting with Asian fans last month. It is the name retreat ‘park Bo-gum 2,019 Asia tour’. Communicate the Japan Bangkok Singapore Hong kong Djakarta Kkuallarumpeureu part about 50,000 people of fans beginning with Seoul in the Asia 9 city including Philippines, and etc. on the 26th of last month. It departed on 1st Japan having the new year holiday ahead. The fans are met on 3rd. ◆ ‘the half of Ppaeng’ released actor last month on 23rd movie ‘extreme Job’ visited the audience including ‘extreme Job’ · ‘the half of Ppaeng’ · ‘witness’, and etc. directly on 30th. The preparation which ‘witness’ will open on the coming 13th was finished. Visit 2 days and 3 days theaters where the leading roles of the movie are the New Year holidays weekend and meet the audience. Firstly, ‘extreme Job’ star Ryu Seongryong ferryboat Gyu Idonghwi consonance and Lee Byung-hun supervision, on 2nd, the game, on 3rd, one everyone the stage greeting in the Seoul area of the theater Find the Seoung Wangsimni case versus Jamsil Samsung Apgujong, and etc. before following the Suwon Gwang gyo Jukjeon Bundang rank. The Ryujun heat makes the half of Ppaeng ‘ star ball filial duty Cho Jung-suk and Hahn, Han Junhui director who meet the audience of the Seoul area with 2 on 3rd. Look carefully at the Seoul area including Wangsimni case versus riverside Jamsil Samsung Apgujong Yongsan Yeouido Yongdungpo shepherd boy, and etc. The witness ‘ is the unsealing all stage greeting. The star Woosung Chung Hyangki Kim Lee, Yi Gyuhyeong and under the supervision can communicate with Seoul local audience with 2 on 3rd. Samsung silworm-raising room is set up, it A and greets each other. ◆ The radio which the strong friend of the continuity going home for holiday is the radio on the New Year holidays If there is a lot of the case where it is unable to think and is too much but it thinks carefully, DJ proceeding with this are ’10 days’ middle on the holidays. There is no chance when the ear will be tedious early from the morning early in the morning because of DJ give comfort the feeling of the listeners to be warmly joyful sometimes sometimes. The occasion where usually, the radio program broadcasts starting Monday by Sunday all week stops. Delight the ear with the great progress which is suitable for the morning, day, evening, and night conformal time general meaning atmosphere. ‘ the music album ‘ Age of Women Miss of the power FM’ ‘ Lee Hyun-woo of ‘ Kim Yeong season is white it is the Good morning FM Jedong Kim lecture hall and Kim Hyeyeong, which smilingly, it is the song plaza ‘ song request at noon Shinyeong Kim of the golden disc ‘ this resin of the radio show ‘ this louma of ‘ Park Myung-soo it is beautiful this morning Kim Changwan it is the Seo Kyongseok. The show ‘ Songeun is the date Seokchin Gee of the music show ‘ ‘2 o’clock of the elder sister’s family radio ‘ Huijun Moon of Kim Sook, DJ possessing the oratorical talent which ‘ Park Junhyeong and 2 o’clock hurrah ‘ back of the politico-economic U.S. is excellent awake the morning and day listener. In addition, from dinner time, the Myu of ‘the Music Camp of Cheolsu Bae’ ‘improve the volume of the bad boy musician Suhyun’ ‘the dreamed radio of the foil Jjeum’ ‘the Yeongseu trit of the testis Min’ ‘the kiss of Park circle, more, the radio’ ‘ John foil from ‘it is the detection Geehye Lee of the afternoon’ ‘chung Sonhui and It’s Radio Time of Chunsik Moon’ ‘kim window enthusiasm Old School’ till the late nightIt is the night which the Jik high ‘ is excited and DJ who it is Yaewon Kim, the friend that soothes to be boring changes into the back. The hand clapping appears in the activity of the star DJ embroidering the holidays with the nice skill at talking.
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