… last episode audience rating 23.8% the Seukkaikkaeseul and Bijisangpa history was newly spent


ㄴ in which the drama ‘Seukkaikkaeseul’ getting the syndrome class popularity renewed the self highest ratings for the past 2 months and which it prevents was young, JTBC drama ‘Seukkaikkaeseul’ last episode audience rating broadcasted on 1st the national average 23.8% and capital area 24.4% was recorded according to 2 days Nielsen Korea. The first audience rating of the Seukkaikkaeseul was nothing but 1.7%. However, after drew the audience rating rising curve constantly and the continuing records was kept. The whole country 22.3% and capital area 24.5% were recorded in the past 18 time and especially the Bijisangpa drama top was occupied. The existing Bijisangpa channel basis highest ratings drama was ‘goblin’ (20.5%). The Seukkaikkaeseul, p.m. 11 on 2nd, ‘ Seukkaikkaeseul behind it is benefited from this kind of popularity: Would you endure, the special organizes? The behind, and etc. which is not revealed so far are planning to be released with pair. Meantime, seukkaikkaeseul is the real comic satire drama looking whole into the desire desperate of the madams from noble family who the husband would like to bring up my child as the top prince and princess in the Seukkaikkaeseul in which the South Korean higher rank 0.1% gets together and which it buys as the king.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1744707.htm, 2019/02/02 10:49:16]