The end ‘SKY Castle’ and eventuality.” of the typical Korean dramaThe sky ‘Kkaebung'(synthesis)


Also the drama ‘SKY Castle’ end was unable to jump over the limit of the Korean drama, the course where the conflicts tiing the characters the Ol child are one by one eased among the pole was contained from JTBC ‘SKY Castle’ broadcasted with 1 with the day afternoon so far. The Woochoo Hwang which determines the voluntary withdrawal after the death of the Gimhye (the Kim Bora) (chanhui) and the aspects of style of writing Chinese characters preparing the qualification examination were drawn. Moreover, it gained recognition from the mother-in-law and the rest of the home was visited. The effort that it makes the responsibility was shown as the head of a family who the Kang Junsang was unable to retire from the hospital and is unable to do to the Hanser gin and childern so far. The Noseunghye (sea Yoon) and Minhyeok Cha (the Kim Byeongcheol) couple made the atmosphere of the harmonious home that they removed the pyramid which the husband emphasized so much from the home and takes the happiness settled down back. Moreover, the confinement of prison of the Joseon Saeng (lee, Yi Hyunchin) reminded of promotion of virtue and reproval of vice and punitive justice. In this way, everyone realized the meaning of settled down the life after the death of the Hye. And the final episode was taken as the warm aspects of residents which it took care to walk down the right street and repented and advances. ‘the hapiness is not order of merit’ which really it wanted to say to the audience through the showing of 16 times was the end of which the word is heart-felt. However, the netizen is not sense like this end so. One that as to reason, the characters showed the other nap among the pole from the character which had been being seen previously for the showing of 15 times very and it causes the justcompulsively warm atmosphere was due to be felt. The mother-in-law had been bother the Hanser battle formation so much is warm and it is changed into the charitable mother-in-law and first it puts up him to the Hanser battle formation suddenly so far. Besides, the Kang Junsang which didn’t know no more than money and honor and the secrets of the awakening was not seen can be early to the decision which reflects on its own old days and cuts short the hospital after the death of the Hye. Especially, the dialogue which the Hanser battle formation and Kang Junsang repents “if I treated Hyena well more” “it was the husband who I am better for the wife” left the alienation which doesn’t get used to the audiences. The happy ending which the audiences seeing this day ‘SKY Castle’ are so artificial The one, which it doesn’t read ” (love****) ” last episode the expectancy was so big more, I the Deut Being so childish and boiling in bubble. It was the best to finish all suddenly at the change ” (laov****) ” originals 19 with the other man. This any kind of eventuality It finished all with the Happy ” (skda****) “19. Suddenly, the mood Happy.”(plen****) the etc. Comment is left and the anticlimax eventuality of ‘SKY Castle’ is missed. Meantime, ‘SKY Castle’ is the real comic satire drama looking whole into the desire desperate of the madams from noble family who the husband would like to bring up my child as the top prince and princess in SKY Castle who the South Korean higher rank 0.1% gets together and who buys as the king. ‘the legal high’ is broadcasted with the follow-up drama from the coming eighth.
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