The micro ‘attention’ which it is bright after Kim Na-yeong divorce with the recent condition opening to the public and 2 sons


The broadcaster Kim Na-yeong announcing the divorce reveals 2 sons and harmonious every day and it attracts attention last month and there is. Kim Na-yeong uploaded the photo which is forming the bright micro with lying down in its own Instagram with 2 sons side by side on 2nd. Especially the comments that the bright attitude of 3 families is pleased continued. Kim Na-yeong announced the divorce previously on the 29th of last month. Kim Na-yeong told through its own YouTube channel “because the husband and trust believed bodily is broken and it cannot be any more together, 2 sons and new life is trying to be started” “the fear appears and it is afraid but because of being the mother, the courage is all done Naen to bring up 2 sons alone” at that time. Meantime, after marrying the husband of 10 years old associative memories in 2015, Kim Na-yeong delivers and is bringing up the year 2,016 and 2,018 the year the son 2. But the news that the husband of Kim Na-yeong was arrested for the law violation about the capital market financial investment industry and operation of illegal casino suspicion was known at December last year. Kim Na-yeong declared the divorce last month. Kim Na-yeong is holding the custody of the children.
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