The Yoona Park “‘SKY Castle ‘ Jjijjin station and smoke damage would like to be suffered”


By no means, it was invested from ‘SKY Castle ‘ mid-section and there was a lot of the burden. By any chances, the flow can be broken. It asked much to the seniors and leaned and could finish well. (Smile) Yoona Park who was the Seoul Mapo at last 28th and finishes JTBC Geumto drama ‘SKY Castle ‘ in Sangam-dong editorial office told in this way. He appearing as the daughter Seri Cha role of the Noseunghye (sea Yoon) Minhyeok Cha (the Kim Byeongcheol) among the pole appeared as ‘the trouble maker’ Seri Cha role from the drama mid-section and the strong impression was left. It made a boast of Seri Cha role character and high synchronous rate. But the agile shape of eyes and looks which answers to break with a snap here were seen in the height which 170cm is big Seri Cha came into mind automatically. How did he get to charge of this role? ” fact fall watched the audition as the station. Because it was among the scene coming out of the fall bivalent to sing a song and it called. The character that the producer connived well and it counts the car was recommended. At that time, it is still unbelievable if it thinks. Seri Cha came to me and the idea called ‘really the seniors and breathing can be fitted’ got. Seri Cha lies in the drama to attend Harvard. The ability was not enough but it was one action in order to meet the expectancy of the parents. In conclusion, it was revealed and Seri Cha is said to the parents. “one which doesn’t like Seri Cha just but likes me doing the studying well” Yoona Park said be envious of Seri Cha breaking the word which I am trying to install in this way with a snap. It opened heart “however as to image, that character is bad in fact” when saying as “it is likely to be like that in fact”. ” serie is the child who is one’s talk clear. It acts with confidence. The idea that it would like to resemble that looks even when acting was much done. I never had got a problem as well as the families and confrontation never once. It lived like the family and friend, the serie was really pitiful. It is that it was choked if I grew in the family like the serie. It is thankful to the serie. It learned much. However, it is the rim where there will be many pressures to the intermediate input become to the popular drama. It is well in harmony with the anxiety and performing actors that it can break the flow, it is most due to big problem. The veteran actor seniors and breathing which it is worthy of representative had to be fitted and especially Yoona Park needed the thorough character analysis and studying. On transcription of ” serie was much imagined. ‘it will cannot help lying in this way. But’ is done if the pressure was gained. Only, if there was to be hard, it had the feeling scene. It has the scene in confrontation with Kim Byeongcheol senior. There was a lot of the trouble if I had to do how because I didn’t experience this much. But Kim Byeongcheol Sea Yoon superior acts in the future and the tears leaks out by itself. Because it seems that it seems to be truly the dad and the mom gets angry, the feeling is well the Japhyeot Eo. While the seniors acted together in the behind and the scene which I take alone caught the feeling well, especially they could install. Thank really. The curiosity appeared suddenly. The Mat child wanted to see any kind of person among the strong mother of five people of ‘SKY Castle’. The name of the Hanser gin (the Chunga Yum) or the Kim Ju-Young (suhhyeong Kim) could appear in the impression, that is his city. The unexpected answer came out. It is one called the Jinjinhui (oh Dynasty). The Jjijjin (the Jinjinhui character nickname) who is the lively character would like to be tried. The role which I in charge of so far is dark. There is a lot of the character which acts to complex and the greed through is gotten. Surely the romantic comedy genre would like to conduct In the meantime, geehyun Jeon revealed Yoona Park as the role model. He revealed “all works of Geehyun Jeon senior saw all” “because of seeing the looks which put all ones down and which they act, it was so charming. The smart idea got” the reason. The work which absolutely ‘SKY Castle’ cannot exclude became in Park existence or life. He said get the learning which is many in the acting and by oneself with this work. In ” pole middle, what is important that serie, as to ‘ souths appreciate. There is the line if I am happy, it is superb. At that time, it thought. It is delighted at one which acts and which the others appreciate and is not the idea the Haeeot Eo that I am happy. The start looking back on me seems to change into this art. It wants that this good chance comes on the fast time, it inspects and one stairs and one stairs is gone up in the future.
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