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The black clouds joined fullness the entertainment world of 2 months first weeks having the new year holiday ahead. The trabecula was fullness filled with the newses frowning the personal appearance. The retaliation driving suspicion of the actor Minsu Choi was known far later. The actor leveling suffered the instituting a lawsuit from the landlord. The broadcaster Kim Na-yeong revealed the divorce news directly and caused to be unfortunate of many thises. There is the good news one kind. The group WonderGirls native top cliping delivered the third daughters. The Moat Seup kneader this trabecula entertainment the news It became top cliping and 3 mothers of child and top cliping held the pretty daughter in arms on the 30th of last month. The agency Polaris entertainment told 31 days “the third daughters were brought abouts in the half an hour (local time) Canada p.m. 4 on 30th” “it was fine and as to top cliping, I was healthily born as 3.8kg”. It got to have the pretty name that the child have the embryo’s name called ‘tosyl’ is Yoochin Park. It married the Korean-Canadian from missionary James Park on January, 2013 and started a family in Canada and top cliping stopped the WonderGirls activity. Top cliping raising 2 daughters after subgenual appears on JTBC variety program ‘foreigner’ with the family and Canadian life is opened. ▼ Minsu Choi retaliation driving suspicion actor Minsu Choi was once again embroiled in controversy. It was handed over to the trial according to the retaliation driving charge this time. Because it was having the first broadcastings ahead after SBS variety program ‘the couple lived together but thought differently 2- you my destiny’ joining, the adverse criticism was more exaggerated. The prosecution without detention did ” Minsu Choi with the suspicion including the special threat, special property damage, insult, and etc. on the 29th of last month, the South Seoul District Public Prosecutor’s Office revealed. While driving in the Seoul Yeouido one road to 55 minutes at September last year p.m. 12 on 17th, when the damaged vehicle obstructs its own route, then Minsu Choi is getting the charge which overtakes the damaged vehicle and stops suddenly and induces the traffic accident. In this regard, it revealed “it is determined on the Minsu Choi Ssi quantity broadcasting yes or no and getting off”, saying that it was ‘the couple lived together but thought differently 2’ pity “among the discussion of the couple photographing part giving the Minsu Choi · steel about the Minsu Choi Ssi prosecution case it is the broadcasting or no careful afterward” this. The news that ▼ leveling landlord face a lawsuit “suffering distress” actor leveling was unable to pay the monthly rent and it suffered the instituting a lawsuit by the landlord came out. After that, the leveling is needless in its own Instagram on the 30th of last month. It is getting along with the trouble (companion dog). The text was left it worried and thanked. The eagle became a problem. Some netizens built the voice of “it is not in advance to repay the money” “this text seems to be not left in the situation” the criticism. The leveling revealed the position additionally when the voice of the criticism became louder. He expressed, saying that it was “it is well solved and is living in the same house” “the unsuspectedness against had to be hit and it is the investment but naked with no change has to be suffered due to the content of news of the part noisy one is hateful and which earns again by this business and which it returns someone, whether” to be stuffy. The leveling monthly rent nonpayment dispute reported “it was not and the leveling faced the monthly rent over 30 million won with the lawsuit in other words” and the general programming channels channel A ‘the case briefing room’ was known on the 30th of last month. It was not and it decides to pay the monthly rent 2.1 million won in the deposit 10 million won the leveling said default 30.9 million won in total from June, 2016 in other words only Maeeoeu. However, the leveling was refuted as “the truth is not”. It is the regrettable news to bring up ▼ Kim Na-yeong divorce and 2 sons alone. The broadcaster Kim Na-yeong revealed the divorce news directly. Kim Na-yeong announced “because the husband and trust believed bodily is broken and it cannot be any more together, 2 sons and new life is trying to be started” the divorce in YouTube channel which I manage on the 29th of last month. His calm confession produced pitifully many these. As soon as the agency child okay company presented the report material and mentioned as ” (kim Na-yeong) personal SNS, Kim Na-yeong Ssi was adjusting the relationship with the husband and it is going through the legal proceedings for the self-support, he checked and presently, gave notice. After that, it told “the agency respects all decisions of Kim Na-yeong Ssi” “it will continue so that He can have the current situations made with the finish and it can stand grandiosely as the broadcaster Kim Na-yeong and will help”. Many these are sending the message of the cheer toward him. There the clip burning sun which the controversy group big bang member triumph cut ▼ triumph club burning manages is adverse criticism every day. The exposure and every kind crime involvement without the end is in the Bal tongue ground. For this reason, it is becoming subject of controversy. Among these, the representative Yang Hyun-Suk of YG entertainment put out the official position to its own name. Yang representative explained “while the enlistment to active service approaches to the right under one’s nose as 3~4 months, the reason why the triumph registered as the director inside company in club resigns some days ago observes the statute on the millitary service”, saying that he was “the thing which the day of the accident victory was in the scene until 3 o’clock in the early morning, it is over 6 o’clock in the early morning and the accident arises”. After that, the position of “the victory person had the mind which is very sorry for this to the worrying fans and the position was trying to be revealed in the writing of the apple but I could be said to defer for some time” the triumph was represented.
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