It buys in Juneau flow and Korea as the wrapper (image)


“even if no matter what, it says buy long at Korea, I am continuously the foreigner one action.” The wrapper Juneau flow (28· one’s real name Junhoh Park). It appeared and grew in California’s small city and Fullerton. He liked the rap since childhood. However, it was the common boy that entered the medical college as the expectancy of the families naturally and dreamed of the doctor. It is the reason why it was unable to imagine in the dream to would stop at the stage as the wrapper. However, the destiny to It become the wrapper said lead him to Korea and it says be 180 degree his life changed to ‘the Syomideo money 5’ which it appears fortuitously. “why it fell, whether it will don’t know.” The word in fashion was left. The rap ability which is peculiar in ‘the Syomideo money 5’ was shown. However, it fell off unfortunately. And the season 7 Juneau flow challenging the survivor once again spread the skill fully and the first regular album ‘Statues’ was put on sale at last and it stopped at the front of man for this year. The past put the New Year holidays upon the right under one’s nose 22 days Start 28 year old and the Deoppaekteu office building meets talk of the young man wrapper which from now. ‘Statues’ of Juneau flow revealed on last January 9th It is the first regular albums. This feeling coming back as the album this time definitely is different from the before it was constantly active as the mixtape, extended play album, featuring, and etc. This day of had been being always dreamed. The first regular albums will be due to have the unlike other people meaning to any kind of musician. As to ” regularity 1 album ‘Statues’, I took part in the writing the lyrics, composition, and producing altogether. It is the album which the attachment goes so much. It can think that music of Juneau flow which it wanted to tell the men was put in the leaf so far. The English words of the Korean of one which is noticeable to the eyes most as soon as it opens the album of Juneau flow 50% and 50% It was the large-scale electric conduction to deliver its own story to awkward to have mutual understanding with Korean still He to the Korean lyrics. It was difficult and for one spoken in ” Korean, the use work was the Korean lyrics more difficult (smile). The expression was good, whether it asked to check and asked the brothers who the housekeeping is well known whether it was not wrong the spelling whenever it used. But the inspection is like that suffered every time. Any kind of moment housekeeping write is difficult. So, it used and ‘first use’ checked the housekeeping the spelling with the attitude after just. In the album this time, juneau flow pointed out ‘Palm Trees’ (coconut tree) as the track which the attachment goes most. It includes the content that Juneau flow gathers the success with the rap and it lives happily in LA, that is its own hometown, the housekeeping is impressive. The coconut tree is abundant in “LA (smile). So, the song title was made with ‘Palm Trees’. It is the tune confessing frankly the life which I lived and life which it would like to live and the love seems to go more. If it is after in 2, it thinks that I want maybe to get. On the other hand, it worked and was the hardest track. The inspiration was written down on the head of the label, the tiger Jk hands over to Juneau flow car, and Sportage which and the modification said be gone through many times because it didn’t like the bit and melody than the idea. After being ” tiger Jk brother in Korea and going well, the parity was handed over to me for the first time. It was inspired in that place and the tune was made and it took long than the idea. If the men say as ‘wrapper’, it thinks maybe to make the very expensive car. However, the dozen altitude goes well to the old Sportage and I am satisfied. ‘it is slow but move toward the straight way’ worked while the philosophy wished to be contained. This year, Juneau flow is the plan to send one year which is busy than this any other time. The Kkeup kneader the planner of Juneau flow which is already tight from the tour of the country till the overseas concert the attention It desires that his that it meets the men who are to the utmost various with the first regular albums which let and make the ball as much as possible for a long time and would like to have mutual understanding goal accomplishes. The various contents are made and it would like to communicate with the public. In the above, because of being no and it confident, it was unable to take the front of man. However, it can be like that because the regular album came out now. Rather than it is called as Juneau flow of ‘it is the Syo U.S. dumber’, it hopes to be called as the wrapper Juneau flow. The families are unable to see in this new year’s day. Because of being playing and working, it is likely to be busy. Because there is always the pride that it is deeply ‘the west side native’ with my one’s mind, the loneliness is good. The eye line that it is the foreigner has the endured number. Watch and give.
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