Take off the school uniform with ‘SKY Castle’ Hyena.


It was really a pity. It was the feel which was confined in the student image and in which it is unable to see the light. The student role was mostly undertaken of the life of acting and the color of I seemed to be done not have the chance tomorrow. Just the idea of the single called ‘it was not the same as the fetters’ took out the school uniform in him. However, ‘SKY Castle’ was seen and the idea was changed. The vague hunch called ‘take off the school uniform with the Hyena worn the school uniform’ got. The debut is the round and talk of the actor Kim Bora (25) in 15. It was the Seoul Mapo on 31st and Sangam-dong editorial office met the Kim Bora finishing JTBC Geumto drama ‘SKY Castle’. He who wore the navy one-piece with the white blouse and shows was differently loveable among the pole with Hyena. Whether the poor character role of was much played so far was felt to be unfamiliar. After that, the Kim Bora laughed cavalierly “the richman character would like to conduct now”. Hyena is the child growing in the sick widow under in the drama. The child of a rich family department competes by the clever head one in the unfortunate domestic environment. The life which over 19 years is short is stuggling lived and the Hyena in which the ordinary person is not as much as the adults steam and eat dies. The idea that it is one which was the Kim Bora playing a role of the year 15 but was not easy to play a role of this character got. The Hyena and style of writing Chinese characters 2 kind station was all seen when watching ” audition. But the idea called ‘it is likely to become Hyena if I am cast’ was indecisively done. It liked the plucky direction of the Hye. It thought in being the character and extension on the ship which I played role of in the work so far. So, there was I to approach comfortably. The Kim Bora has previously to undertake the high school student station where there is the story in the TvN drama ‘the Bu’am-Dong Avenger’ and KBS2 drama ‘the Who are you-school 2015’ back and perform the smoke. As much as that, hyena was not so difficult person for him. When treating the time and the style of writing Chinese characters which acted and treats the adults, the talking manner and action in was differed when treating Yaebean space. The time played a role of the mothers with ‘when there is no had one but I am crumpled, there am no I’ the mom everyday. There is ‘ I in the style of writing Chinese characters as much as the mind of the adults is moved to be great. You did with the feeling called baby. It approached truly really as Yaebean and space like the teenager girl. When the serious dialogue was continued, then Hyena was felt from the Kim Bora. He, as to the ear went out of “the lingering imagery remains much in Hyena” the story when telling “it is seem to interview with the now Hyena”. The case where it is immersed in the field itself was many compared with the people before. And the case where it drops out was many compared with me in the opponent and it was really marvelously really with me this time. So, hyena be likely to be well little more expressed. It is dim yet and is sad. The scene in which Hyena dies of the pole gave the shock to many thises. The scene which fell from the guesthouse uterine tube and sheds one drop of tear was strong. The Kim Bora explained “they seemed to be at the scenario to all Heullin increase the tear and the producer seems to do the edit well”. There is the Kim Bora the qualifier called ‘the student professional actor’. The school uniform is originally much worn in the work The other role of would like to be taken charge, He reaching 25 year old and mid-twenties already asked “it is how”. It shook for the first time when buying “23. The idea called ‘the different one would like to be done except the role worn the school uniform’ got. It seemed to be much by oneself impatient. But it realized in 2~3 months. The school uniform is worn or the more various children raising the mouth not would like to be faced. In the meantime, there is no pressure which deals to wear the school uniform and it becomes pleasant more. It is trying to enjoy still. (Smile) there was the fear that it can harden possibly in the similar character till the school uniform with one image but it faced with many characters due to the positive mind. Then, the Hyena of ‘SKY Castle’ was met. The Kim Bora overturned the expectation of everyone called the other character and ‘it will be similar’. It was daring and the scary Hyena was made. That He was seen, the idea that it is one that there is no thing raised the school uniform mouth now. ” producer installed in the drama meeting through ‘ current work not to wear the school uniform any more. I seem to succeed when it says be good if I changed much. (Smile) ” He took the turning point of the life as actor/actress as ‘SKY Castle ‘. Because it was the start which it can inform properly the sense of presence of the actor Kim Bora before, it is the end. Because of asking to him “‘SKY Castle ‘ is any kind of meaning”, the simple answer was brought. It is the work which it helps to grow. It is the mood which fills the learning in the bag fullness and which it graduates. (Smile).
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