The Cho Jung-suk ♥ spider, and etc. ★ how are the newly-married couple and first lunar New Year consecutive holidays spent during?


There are these to send the view which is happier than the someone. It is the newlyweds which start a family directly now just now and are sending the newly-married life which it considers the Alkongdal bean. Will this star newly-married couples be no exception? After getting married, really how the right star newly-married couples sent the first New Year’s days this New Year holidays. It asked directly. ◆ as to the first Lunar New Year’s Day of the Cho Jung-suk ♥ the spider couple entertainment world representative ‘the parrakeet couple’ actor Cho Jung-suk (39) and mantissa spider (38· one’s real name Geeyeon Park) couple, are you how? As to 2 people, by having the pledge ceremony with the families last year after love passionately in 5, It became the couple. Why Cho Jung-suk talked the standing plan with the spider in the interview on the 28th of last month to be quite vigilant. The affection toward the spider was expressed. He for, the feeling was stable connected after ” marriage in advance. The something life seemed to be well in good shape. The mind seemed to be comfortable and it confessed to be changed after getting married. After that, it was very shy and Cho Jung-suk told “the horse called ‘ wife’s home ‘ is awkward yet” and laughed. And the plan to stand “the dying father is visited. It is likely to come back from the good family successively” was revealed. ◆ Whenever the Yoonhwa Hong ♥ Minki Kim couple sees, there is the cheerful couple. The curiosity leans to the first New Year holidays of the comedian Yoonhwa Hong (31) Minki Kim (36) couple. 2 people was married after falling in love between the year 7 at November last year. The public enviable mind is aroused of the nap considered the Alkongdal bean. Yoonhwa Hong Minki Kim couple is appearing on the TvN variety program ‘the comedy big league’ every Sunday. ‘the comedy big league’ video recording proceeds every week on Tuesday. The video recording is certainly on air on Tuesday with this new year’s day day. The plan was informed before to be the agency JD rain entertainment “one which it participates eagerly in the stood day ‘ comedy big league ‘ video recording, sends the hour together” of the couple. The ~ the hand clapping to the audience in the rumor and nice couple it rising eagerly to the stage and sheds the beads of sweat in order to order to inspire the smile to the audiences. ◆ the interest is collected around the first New Year holidays of (33· one’s real name subject of a lecture multiplication) which was ‘it is most hot’ holds the couple these days every week Portal site real-time search word ranking where it was the Hong Hyunhui ♥ I newly-married couple and comedian Hong Hyunhui who (37) and self interior designer I. 2 people, at October last year, the passionate love, in just 3 months, the Maeeot Seup kneader the marriage vow While Kim Yeong-hui and Hong Hyunhui arranged the same trade, the Jeisseun who is the interior design designer got to be met. While Kim Yeong-hui got to pop out for the schedule and the only two people got to host the meeting, the love said blossom. The couple appears on the general programming channels TV shipbuilding variety program ‘the taste of the wife’ every Tuesday and it takes an active part and he is receiving every day the opening to the public and love of the viewer against grandiosely to the brim. The Hong Hyunhui agency Sidus HQ people concerned revealed to be “the plan which the couple who was Hong Hyunhui I doesn’t have the particular days program, it finds the elders of both families before and it meets”. (the Hong Hyunhui standard) As to husband’s family, the Cheonan in Chungcheongnam-do and womans native home can be said to be Seoul. It wonders if pleasant any kind of works wells up in this new year’s day to the couple’s family.
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