… the comedy exploded andChase the Extreme Job ‘the first place of movie rank’ half of Ppaeng ‘ closely.


Solder heartburnings Korean movie ‘extreme Job’ occupied the first place of movie rank on the 23rd of last month. On the 30th of last month solder heartburnings Korean movie ‘the half of Ppaeng’ followed a week is chasing the later time closely. ‘extreme Job’ occupied the first place of standard box office according to Korean Film Council movie ticket integrated computer network on 3rd at last second. The accumulated audience amounts to 6.232485 million people. The struggle by oneself in which as to ‘extreme Job’, the detectives in narcotic team capturing the drug smuggling context of the international criminal syndicate take over the hideout before chicken restaurant of the criminal syndicate and which however ‘the half of Ppaeng’ which it drew the happening which gets wider while the chicken restaurant got through the word of mouth into the good restaurant, takes possession of Wi with 2 chases the lurking investigation the control inability speed mania businessman bow of the hit-and-run task force Ppaeng classIt is the crime entertainment action movie which it draws about. Hyochin Kong and Ryujun heat, Cho Jung-suk, Chunga Yum, Jeon Hye-jin, and etc. appear. Hollywood animation ‘the dragon training 3’ occupied the third following ‘extreme Job’ ‘the half of Ppaeng’. On the 30th of last month, the accumulated audience of solder 한 this film was tallied at 456,777 people. The quarternity and the fifth the Korea animation ‘ theatrical version hello Cabot: The secret ‘korean movie’ end Moi ‘ of the Omphalos island occupied.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1744745.htm, 2019/02/03 07:30:02]