The meaning ‘the end of a century · incompletion’ included in ‘galaxy Express 999’ meaning


The interest about the cartoon ‘galaxy Express 999’ broadcasted on the popular was rising in the past and the question asked the meaning of ‘999’ was due to be taken from ‘galaxy Express 999’ in KBS 2TV variety program ‘the problem son of the rooftop house’ on the air recently. This day members said the answer which “the destination planet name” “the number of planets” “speed” etc. is various but was altogether the error. It made a phone call to the colleague comedian anchorage time and Kyonghwan Huh found the answer of the problem among the player. The anchorage line spoke as “the number in which it is including 999 and sense of the incompletion in the meaning that it is the end of a century” and did to be the casts surprised. Kyonghwan Huh got a hint from the anchorage line and the meaning of ‘999’ was spoken as “incompletion” in ‘galaxy Express 999’. The production crew shouted the correct answer and Kyonghwan Huh was acknowledged as one guessing the answer right. The production crew showed the looks in which the author Matsumoto range of ‘galaxy Express 999’ attends in the visit to Korea press conference in the past through data screen. The image center Matsumoto range “999 intends the incompletion” told. It explained and as “the story 1,000 means to the adult become in the boy and which ‘ Galaxy Express 999 ‘ is not forever completed”, the shot was caused.
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