‘jjujju Woo’ which it would like to feed the rice-cake soup ★.


There is the end which cannot drop out because of being in Korean. ‘one meal of meal is eaten. Then’ ‘did you have a meal?’ The word which surely it comes out if it is someone who ‘it has a meal well and goes’ back good feeling goes, there is directly ‘meal’. If the man whom it becomes fond to don’t know is seen, just is the occasion which would like to open the wallet gladly the box Jjeum “the food is once bought” in? Directly, so, it asked to the editorial office. “who is ‘ Jjujju Woo ‘ star which invites to my house and would like to feed the rice-cake soup?” that editorial office reporters extract among the star in which all over the ground takes an active part it beats here and there in 2018Do you wonder if how the reporters that don’t cover the time and place always and are together in the field with the get heated avalanche of media coverage think? ◆ the actor section.1 Park Bo-gum 2 Kim Bora actor Park Bo-gum occupied the total of 8 tickets and it rose per B. The effect of the drama ‘boyfriend’ (the script Yeonga Yoo) center ‘the green-lentil jelly the man’ Kim Chunghyeok character was big. The idea which ‘the appearance which it laughs in the drama to be always refreshing is beautiful and it would like to have a meal together’ ‘it imports to Jinhyeok it doesn’t cry even if it is sad even if it is lonely. The warm tteokguk one bowl year would like to be fed’ ‘because of being the pretty swallowing boyfriend feel which it would like to buy the food, it wanted to meet’ etc. is various came out with the reason why it chooses Park Bo-gum. Park Bo-gum acceding to ‘the nation swallowing boyfriend’ as ‘boyfriend’ ‘the fruit juice, bang’ of Park Bo-gum whom especially the intern reporter saw in ‘boyfriend’ production presentation There is the rumor that it is unable to forget the smile. As to the second, the getting actor Kim Bora occupied 6 tickets. It is seen like the image favor of the Gimhye which it takes care in JTBC ‘SKY Castle’ (the script stringed U.S) which it ends 1st which leaves the syndrome class topic of conversation and which it is over more than the nation-wide or character. ‘the drama, so, the suffering, much, the printed style of writing’ ‘the tteokguk Jjeum our Hyena can be happy’ ‘ drama is watched with the reason why it chooses the Kim Bora and the fan is and have a meal once together. It would like to see, ‘ Hyena of is so well played a role and it is really the same as the brother, there is the back. Yoo Seung-ho occupied 4 tickets. Even when as to Yoo Seung-ho, as to of SBS ‘the plurality came back’ (the script Yoonyeong Kim) center sense of justice was full, the character Bogsu Kim who was of small but sturdy build and bright of was played a role and ‘healing’ was given to every week month and Tuesday TV audiences. There is ‘the school uniform looks good with 27 years old ages and Jjujju Woo would like to be considered’ ‘it sees from the child’s part and first Jjujju Woo lower-part comes into mind’ ‘it is good-looking and has a meal and would like to introduce to the parents’ ‘the real thing is really still good-looking’ with the reason why it chooses Yoo Seung-ho. Moreover, CG acting was stupid. The Seulpeoharya, suffers here and there Hyun Bin, and Park Shinhye who shared 2 tickets due to the heart-rending love on good terms. ‘surely it would like to meet once’ ‘because of filling the work with the excel smoke and action, it takes the trouble’ and ‘the tear is so much shed in the drama and it would like to take care’ ‘the drama center Hyechoo comes to mind’ came out with the reason why it chooses 2 people. Besides, when it sees (1 ticket), there is the general purport Korean translation of Chinese character gives the Chanhui (1 ticket) and two wins (1 ticket) (1 ticket), Park Chungmin which (1 ticket), revenue and expenditure (1 ticket), Lee, Yi Sungmin (1 ticket), Chunga Yum (1 ticket), Kim Mingyu (1 ticket), Dongseok Ma (1 ticket), and Idonghwi (1 ticket) Nara Jang (1 ticket) Dami Kim (1 ticket). ◆ the singer section.BTS 1 stern 2 world grade Idol group bulletproof Boy Scouts got the total of 7 tickets and it rose per B. Also, is it ‘the It is quite true as I have heard that bulletproof Boy Scouts’? After announcing the regular album “LOVE YOURSELF all ‘Tear'” and “LOVE YOURSELF time ‘Answer'” last year, there was no the bulletproof Boy Scouts played an active part in Billboard and during floating eye and nose the activity was stupid, it was busily active in the domestic. The bulletproof Boy Scouts doing best for the rod stage in the busy schedule The reporters that saw the stage of the bulletproof Boy Scouts and come brandished altogether, all together, “it is the dance cold as one in which the body will be broken” the tongue. The leader RM is in the bulletproof gets the love of ‘due to the appearance which does the best on stage always and in which it dances’ ‘the real thing is wonderful’ ‘ worldwide Boy Scouts and this center which with the bulletproof Boy Scouts reason for selection. One bowl of tteokguk would like to be treated to RM taking the trouble, there is ‘ (RM) ‘the looks which the tteokguk makes fullness in the plump buccinator muscle is likely to be cute’ (geemin) back, Wi is 2 the solo singer stern getting 4 tickets. The stern which announces the hit song at a stretch and plays an active part in MBC variety program ‘the battery time of interference’ etc. variety program as ‘hero’ ‘the siren’ and meets the fan These reporters pulled the real thing of the stern out the stern with ‘the edge tomorrow Ppa is so displayed and the meal would like to be fed’ ‘it is so parched up and is encouraged’ etc. reason. Besides, the Chaeun mistake learned 2 tickets side by side. It is good-looking and ‘it would like to do pat’ ‘it is beautiful and is cute’ would like to bring the Chaeun mistake to the home with the reason why it chooses genie with the reason why it pulls out. It is eagerly active as the appearance which it is good-looking and is the good feeling, shines and it is appreciated, there is. Besides, being the river Daniels (1 ticket), Tteuwaiseu everyone string (1 ticket), Chinyeong Hong (1 ticket), monkey Chunghoh Choi (1 ticket), Hwang Min string (1 ticket), luxurious (1 ticket), bobby (1 ticket), and pole lap there is the minister ring (1 ticket), Wiener Chinwoo (1 ticket), and exo Dio (1 ticket). * in the survey, 25 Deoppaekteu editorial office reporter took part (the overlapping participation possibility).
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1744768.htm, 2019/02/04 09:00:03]