‘SKY Castle’ space of the twenty boy


Was it due to the character? The idea that it will be similar to the space appearing in ‘SKY Castle’ which the chan is indecisively white got. There is a lot of the shyness, the worry which will not be easy to be shy around strangers and will interview is first the fact However, it was completely unexpected the chan which it meets actually is white. It told. Cunningly it had the uncle gag and the aspects of ‘truly’ Chanhui in which the space is not was shown. The fresh twenty boy Chanhui was met. It was the Seoul Mapo at last 29th and Sangam-dong editorial office met Chanhui. This interview was special. It was shooting for the interview photo and the passing men appreciated Chanhui and the sign and photo was requested. It stopped at many stars so far but was the thing where there is this for the first time to request the photo and photo. “is the popularity realized?” to the ChanhuiBecause of asking, it smiled blushingly, saying that it was “there is a lot of ‘SKY Castle ‘ except me with the popularity”. The image which comes into mind as soon as it saw Chanhui was ‘boy’. Because it had the red lips and here small frame on the white face, it was the same as the endlessly young boy. However, the rostrum to don’t know the something within this and wick was felt. The space role was undertaken in ‘SKY Castle’ which the chan is white. It is the character which it loses the mom and wanders and when being young It becomes the model student. It is the quiet character who doesn’t raise the noise from the drama uniquely. The place which the space without the clear color was more difficult for the Chanhui of which there is not a lot of the acting career in fact to express All Kkeonaet the Chanhui “there was a lot of the trouble” the end Because ” space had the past pain but that was not accurately revealed, there was a lot of the trouble if how it expressed. It seemed to take care till the part detailed from the supervisor and hairstyle till the color much. In the meantime, it was bright but the heavy feel was trying to be inspired. But on-site staff seems to be so dark and in order to do at that time brightly, it seems to try. Shot ‘is it this impression?’ It did and the color of the space had been being made. It was difficult but was interesting. Because it was bright but as to heavy feel, the chan was white, the idea that there is the number to be saved well got. It is due to be ‘the face where there is the story’ which the Chat child cannot see well usually from the actor. “did you appear on a false charge to become?” this conversation is brought up to him’the self This’ (the meaning that it slanders by oneself) was done. It appeared on a false charge so that It could become ” fact I. ‘it appeared meekly’ ‘it appeared to would like to bother’ etc. story was much held up. However, I am not bad. The feature of I can come to this. The qualifier called ‘the false charge professional actor’ was attached to me and it is the honor, thank you It is good to attach the speciality of the something. However, it is trying in order to not be confined so. In ‘SKY Castle’, the sense of presence of the Chanhui becomes maximized while the Hye (the Kim Bora) dies of the pole. The friend in which one losing the young mom is half-witted and which I like is wrapped in the sorrow which is deep as the death. Additionally, it is driven into the killing criminal and the space is overwhelmed with the composite feeling. As much as it was the acting which is not easy, there said be a lot of on these scenes trouble which the chan is white. ” space had to undergo this pain and it was sad and had a pain. So, it had no appetite and the sleep, as to the author’s preface years old lost weight from 15 times into 19 times much not much. I am much actually difficult as much as the space is difficult. Here, the lips was purposely made in order to give to explode. It moistened lips continuously and it made dryly and the lips everywhere exploded. The farthest the soul senior praised to ‘it can do with the make-up’ even when joky. At that time, it seemed to be really proud. Ha-ha. The lips which the chan is actually white was not better and it was suffering. It answered as “among the recovery the lip balm is eagerly put” when worrying “it does how in being the SF9 comeback on Feburary”. Then, within chan is white. About this was the basic, it said and evoked laughter. The passion for the acting was felt. It answered freely to the question as the veteran actor that chan is white. The worry that the short answer will be brought patched up. All Ttet the mouth head is nodded to him “it is much different from thought one” “it is likely to do well so that It can become the social life” the word is brought up It is frozen, I practical joke is not. The charms was much managed with Taeran Lee senior and farthest the soul senior and it tried so that It could become the vitamin C of the seniors. It is that youngest where there is a lot of the prank and it is haggard when being with the SF9 brothers. However, it is the firstborn in the family. The brother and 6 years old differences through are gotten. So there seems to be the unlike other people sense. All men will be like that but my appearance seems to be little by little and different in the members and drama scene from the families. It had many peer actors and breathing custom-made in ‘SKY Castle’ which the chan is white. Although the drama ended, the association chat room including the Kim Bora, Gimhye gloss, Byeonggyu Cho, Kim Donghui, and etc. was made and the friendship was still kept. It is not well ” truth all Kakaotalk and SNS the year. With doing not know well to does how it does. But (team) Byeonggyu brother can be said to install much. It saw in where interview and was the someone, it did ‘the Chanhui, the most, the connection, not, one everyone’. However, the mind wanted to be always appreciated being together. It is that my hand is not Ttara main characteristic. (Smile) ” twenty and one which is tight and lives the cell phone at the height of would be not enough and it was the surprise. Then, he watches the video as ” YouTube much when asking “what is done in the usual time and it stays”. The game image seemed to be much watched and it told. It was the answer which this age Dap. The Chanhui which it closes the last of the teenager due to ‘SKY Castle’, gets to open 20 It was the start which it lets the public know his sense of presence authentically. It will be the Ttara Dani but the name ‘SKY Castle’ and uzura produces him for some time to expect the more changed appearance in which it grows. It is any kind of work that ” I worries or why is there ‘ space on stage? It is to work. Then, the idea called ‘it made a blunder’ is likely to get. However, because of being my share, it is trying to try eagerly to show the new looks. The Chanhui done eagerly as the actor will become as SF9.
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