The Reobeullijeu live broadcasting abuse dispute ‘the city is turned off’ “that XX, why, alone, XX”


It revealed as “among the confirmation of fact” with the abuse controversy which the girl group Reobeullijeu happens among the live broadcasting. The Reobeullijeu agency second ring entertainment revealed on 4th, on the abuse dispute “the members and staffs are staying with Japan and are making sure in fact” of the Reobeullijeu. At last third, the Reobeullijeu member this Americas hosted the individual broadcasting ‘V live’ through the Naver ‘V app’. In the broadcast course, at the moment when this Americas stopped the word for some time, it was someone in the back, “why that XX is XX” spited out the abuse. After looking back and speaking as “sister”, it hurried and this Americas finished the broadcasting in this. Presently, it was deleted from V live video. However, it is spreading rapidly through on-line including internet community bulletin board, and etc. In the meantime, 3rd passing the osaka Abe scull hop performance through the start point through was gotten, the concert with was proceeded in the nationwide in japan including Tokyo, and etc. on the 25th of last month.
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