The sisters coming back to the Chungmin Sohn-Chaeeun feeling and ‘(the) Middle Age’


The broadcaster Chungmin Sohn (right) and singer Chaeeun feeling is recording while the filming spot of Dongah TV introducing ‘truly, the wonderful item of the adults’ opens in the certain studio of the Seoul Gangnam-ku Sinsa-dong recently on the 31st of last month. Present this program in which the veteran entertainers whom the debut 20 year is suddenly over derive the story the sympathy of the Ssot wife the middle age the fun which takes out the needs (needs) of the middle ages which can be neglected in ‘one hundred generations age’ at the slightest slip and bounces with a pat with the profound information. 10 o’clock Dongah TV can meet at every Tuesday night. And the watching is possible through Naver TV and YouTube.
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