The steam insect ash and tablet use dispute… “reflect” apology in the concert


The designer and broadcaster steam insect ash in which the screen used the large-scale tablet in the concert of SHINee member height for a long time and which there is adverse criticism apologized on 4th. It spoke to the Instagram of this day I measuring the steam insect “be sorry for the people who I draw the picture on the concert as the tablet yesterday and who suffer by this light in the seeing”. After concert was watched the artwork-related meeting which it gets to proceed with ” height which it measures the steam insect and this and that drawing and sketch was done in the tight days program and the right seeing manners was not, it realized. It reflected and added. The personal tablet be reported that be used in the concert ‘the key land’ seat of the height which is held in Kangnam-gu Coex Artium measuring the steam insect I of SM town theater at last third for a long time. The seeing attitude of the steam insect ash was called into question and at the center of dispute, some spectator stopped at on-line community, and etc. in this. The Deut which the netizens have to be careful of the seen eye because there is too much and there is a lot of the man who the steam insect ash is well known It had the idea that it considers always, ” (jinj****) and “it is the harm to the audiences to the harm the invited key” (bieb****) “the fans are laboriously the harm in the performance place which finds the ticket and which it goes whether the interior was rolled if it was busy” (bhin****) back reaction was shown. Meantime, it appeared in MBC ‘hire Honja Na’ last year and the steam insect ash gave notice of the face and name. All Guthyeot the location as the broadcaster it appears after ‘living in solitude’ and ‘the Chung goods room’ back program
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