The Western-style ‘the beauty woman singer’ adjustment civilians and graceful hanbok people “be much blessed”


“hit much against the Deoppaekteu reader everyone and new year’s luck and it can be the happy New Year holidays.”The singer adjustment civilians (32) it widened the location in the trot group to the singing ability which the appeal is dense and appearance and excel is which is suffered the New Year’s dress and it greeted the reader. The adjustment Min does the photo shooting to catch with the dance and song, overflowing talent, and slender Western-style visual one’s figure and it becomes a hot issue. In the Maxim 1 month Lake cover pictorial, he suffered the various swimming suit oves the style and the voluptuous beauty of the peak was boasted. The Osaka solo concert the adjustment Min which utilizes the advantage that it is the music college from and is releasing the fascination with ‘the teuroteu singer who plays the piano and sings’ is done in the beginning of last year and Japan activity is gone side by side. Seamaotto Yo production which is being wholly responsible for the promotion marketing of the adjustment Min is one among the largest in Japan entertainment producing company. The local is promoting the bulletproof Boy Scouts and Tteuwaiseu among the domestic singer besides the adjustment Min. All Bahyeot “this year for would like to be stopped at the center of Asian New Age through Korean teuroteu” the resolution one adjustment Min is the New Year’s greeting “when the evaluation which is good in the career in Japan is gotten and there is from last year” with the graceful wearing Hanbok (traditional Korean clothes)The teuroteu singer adjustment Min made debut in 2014 and informed the name through ‘silly’, ‘softly’, ‘SUPERMAN’, and tune of ‘it ate’ etc. The good feeling is constantly gotten in the wide age group by ‘filial daughter singer’ and ‘the music college credit’ etc. and it is getting attention.
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