“it is tedious and is tedious” The movie BEST5 which would better be seen in the returning home · way back to home


Is the returning home · way back to home really tedious? It has to get on the bus or train and draw and be the long times Gyeondyeo. So, the good films were selected to download in the cell phone or laptop and see. If the near place is one volume of movie, it will arrive soon. Probably the place where it takes 5~6 hours is likely to need 2~3 volumes. Neverthless, doesn’t it feel that this times are together salty with the interesting movie? The audience everyone fits to the taste and like to watch as the returning home · way back to home and movie. (Recently, the release pure)◆ ‘the swing kids’ and body, flutteringly, the mind, flutteringly, the ironic combination of the prisoner of war camp and tap dance Here, kyongsu Do and number of the Bakhye, Chungse Oh, Kim Min Lake, and Redeu Ja Grimes got together. ‘the swing kids’ is the work of Hyeongcheol Kang director making ‘the dishonest gambler 2’ ‘sseoni’ ‘speedy Scandal’. The number of spectator was a pity compared with preparing to the direction, which the percentage of completion is high the fun and impression. 1.47 million relatively low audiences were mobilized. Because of being ‘the swing kids’ which is given a favorable reception since the unsealing, the grade is a pity in fact. So, recommend. Because of ending as it is, it is so precious and is the end. ‘the swing kids’ added the tap dance to the life of the men confronting ideologically. The Darwojyo the story which we become one by the tap dance altogether Here, it hit and the fun and impression was altogether caught up to. ‘do I learn once?’ it has the scene which especially the tap dance comes outThe idea gets, as much as it makes to move the foot automatically. ‘the swing kids’ prospering the body and mind will be recommended as the returning home · way back to home movie. ◆ ‘bohemian Rhapsody’ and we can shout altogether. It is likely to be difficult with “We will Rock You” in fact to find ‘bohemian Rhapsody’ this man not. Nevertheless, it has once the reason why it recommends. Even if no. 2 is seen, it is due to be the interesting music movie. Isn’t one which sings the song of the queen together and which it goes from the tightly blocked highway interesting? ‘bohemian Rhapsody’ is the work drawn the Fredj mercury which gets to lead the lock band queen of the legend (malek in Lamy) and music world of the queen and stage on Outsider developing the dream of the music vividly. This film which took the word of mouth and which it drives the wrong occupied the long period theater. The audience was captivated till the second to been opening at October last year and ‘the bohemian syndrome’ was made. It is exceptional. The Kkeureot Seup kneader the incredible popularity it is difficult even the singalong cinema magnet is found The number of spectator recorded 992 in which it is almost close to 10 million audiences. One which looks into the unlucky life of the Fredj mercury and appreciates the musics which the queen gives birth is likely to be perfect. ◆ it is interesting in saying one Bangsoljikhi of Dongseok Ma where there are ‘the nature vitellin’ and ‘criminal city’ and being commonplace. There is powerful one shot of as Madong seat that there is ‘criminal city’. At November last year, solder 한 this film broke through the break-even point and got the own way love. It expected in going well but ‘bohemian Rhapsody’ fever was originally strong at that time and the light was unable to be seen. This point was a pity and it got to recommend. If ‘the nature vitellin’ gets angry once, it is the action entertaining movie which rushes so that the Dongcheol (the Madong silicon dioxide flower) changing suddenly awfully can find the wife index number (geehyo Song). In order to be rich, the merit was made into the work which ‘criminal city’ production crew and Dongseok Ma adds up the strength again. As to this film, Dongseok Ma is the starring but the people in this side is really humorous. The smile large-scale point of the movie comes to Kim Min ash, Geehwan Park, and etc. The returning home · way back to home is not tedious. Recommend. ◆ If maybe this film is watched if the meal which ‘the little forest’ and mom seek misses, the meal which the mom seeks may not miss. As to ‘the little forest’, the test and love are employed. The talk which recalls the recipe in which 20 shot youth Hyewon (taeri Kim) which does what but time doesn’t permit as one likes goes down to the hometown and which the mom installs and which it makes the food is put and there is. It is the really quiet movie but the healing clearly. It hits and gets and fights. It is the movie going well in the provocative movie crevice. Last year, about this time Jjeum the solder 한 this film broke through 1.5 million audiences and got the love which is many in 2~ thirties. It may be how to loosen the stress which it gets in the homecoming way and company with ‘the little forest’. ◆ ‘coco’ and animation awakens to be precious ‘coco’ of the family is the music animation which all people of all ages and both sexes can enjoy. OST ‘Remember Me’ (the Remember U.S) is quite famous. Even after the movie ends due to the melody which the toxicity is strong, it gets to hum automatically. The fact that the composer making ‘Let ItGo’ (there is Ret) of ‘Frozen’ makes this song was known and It became the sensation more. ‘coco’ is the work frequently cross the boundary of the afterlife and two wins. It is predicted maybe that there is the heavy as much as the life and death is dealt but it expresses jollily and rather, the fun is inspired. There is no to be the family animation in which the love of the child’s family is contained it is pure it worries about him and the adult and child install, it is likely to look good. There is the inversion. It is the predictable inversion but is the point deriving the peak of the feeling well. One seeing ‘coco’ before the meeting with the families is likely to be good.
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