The Real Extreme Job and redStepsTeam


” reporter I will contact immediately if the official position will be arranged. Wait a little. A Ssi work as the publicity team chief at the entertainment company of the counting on one’s fingers is entertaining from the morning a bout of scuffling reached to the rushing call of the reporters at 7 a.m. The star of the love affair came to the affiliation artist. Mr.A coming out on the preparation going to work hurriedly The mobile phone bell sound of Mr.A doesn’t have this sign of paints among this Wa. The difficult day of Mr.A is predicted. The someone will don’t know that maybe this Mr.A will be envied. It goes to the large enterprise to the like today unemployment crisis. Or the entertainer is seen and it works. There are these who think a little of the job that it is the publicity team that it is comfortable. The story which if it is those, it would like to tell more and more It welcomes to be in the world of ‘extreme Job’ publicity team. ◆ The kind, as to what publicity team does can be variously divided according to size of entertainment publicity team company which the personality is various. It is classified as the media public relation, marketing public relation, advertising and public relations, and publicity team to divide detail into the detail. The case where the job is changed is abundant according to him. The publicity team decides on the work Deung which fills out the report material in order to appeal in-house artist, movie, and drama for the main business. Besides, the provided contents is made or the formal SNS channel is managed. When there is the important issue, it has the authority running the instead of official speech own business. It is the basic among the basic to it is based to check the recent condition of the position artist every the morning and monitor the related news and take care of the fashion magazine or the interview pictorial, and etc. in order to grasp the needs of the trend and public. As to the entertainment publicity team, the business intensity tends to be strong than the publicity team of the general company. Whether the position artist is implicated in the legal case or the scandal breaks, a comment is made a mistake and the controversy grows serious in an instant. It is the meaning that it has to prepare the case and accident which it is unable to expect always. It is the basic to maintain 24 hours states of tension thanks to this. Domaaha the communication with the reporters. So, the external meeting is usually caught up to and there are periodically a lot of the reporters and these attempting the mutual understanding familiarly. The exaggeration is not even if the publicity team says be in charge of the image of this company and face. It is the trend that the public relations company specialized with the part increases for these days besides the publicity team belonging in the entertainment company. The company, and etc. publicized the singer from the company which it publicizes the drama as the professional professionally are this grand prix. ◆ the life of the publicity team which throws the whole body to the reason 24 hours where it throws the whole body to the public relation even when know to be ‘extreme Job’ state of tension of the only one, series of the night overtime, and ‘bitter words’ of the reporters and copes with the micro Nevertheless, what is the reason why the entertainment publicity team is maintained? However, it is the affection toward the position artist (or, the work). When making the new actor doing not know anyone into the ability of the systematized publicity team from the publics to have grown into the valuable star, when the position artist occupies the main screen of the Portal site, the publicity team feels the worth which it cannot say the second base. Only when looking at the position artist in the eyes which the affection is young and having the interest, this outcome is the possible work. The director of public relations B Ssi of the entertainment agency of the counting on one’s fingers connected ‘girl fan’ like the corresponding entertainment singer affiliated to the agent passionately in the past with the representative example. That He generalized all public relations of the singer affiliated to the agent now. In addition, it was reborn as the shareholder presenting the indicator the company advancing to the respectable entertainment publicity team director. At the moment that the star which I publicize is reborn as ‘popular star’ which the public loves, the publicity team staffs do best for this brilliant moment today again.
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