“the research till the diaphragm movement”…’The change which the half of Ppaeng ‘ heart is piquant


“when the character the movie was altogether piquant from the time (smile) when it doesn’t try never once and which got the scenario for the first time after playing a role.”If ‘the actor Cho Jung-suk (39)’ is done, there is the acting tone coming into mind customarily. Mudeoit it is familiar even when even when it is natural, where is sedate even when even when being humorous. First He was cast in the crime entertainment action genre new work ‘the half of Ppaeng’ of ‘chinatown’ Hahn, Han Junhui director among the performing actors. The news that it plays an active part as the leading role of the crime was heard. Really the curiosity rose any kind of smoke earlier on with the Ppyeolchyeoeul Ji. It opened with the movie which it draws the struggle by oneself activity of the Ppaeng class ‘control inability’ speed mania ‘the hit-and-run task force chasing the businessman Jaecheol Chung (cockpit)’ Ppaeng class ‘ on the 30th of last month. Cho Jung-suk was resentful in the current movie as the first in South Korea F1 racer native businessman Jaecheol Chung. The movie center Jaecheol Chung doesn’t cover the means and way in order to start the dangerous race and avoid the police dragnet. The expectancy about the change in acting style of Cho Jung-suk was born and the movie was watched. The glad micro was built in the new fascination and smoke which has never been shown so far. The nap of which was strong and vicious the character was expressed to be logical. It was the Jongno in Seoul on the 28th of last month and the Samchong-dong certain cafe met Cho Jung-suk. It is straight through the year 1 after the end and drama ‘Ttukkapseu’ end interview at January last year. The interview progressed in the second floor of the cafe managed altogether with the second floor. The face of Cho Jung-suk the case Ne showed the bow bowing distantly while going up the stairway. The new smoke in the current movie was all pleased with the face of in a long time. Always, the work selection standard is Cho Jung-suk speaking as ‘scenario’. He spoke as “the scenario is the number one” and this day revealed the work selection reason. The standard in which the actors select the work has the various. I install most much the idea whether the seeing people are humorous if I work on this work. The scenario was really interesting. And there was the mind which would like to try the work of Hahn, Han Junhui supervisor together. It was fresh and the character was good. It was the work where there is the appeal which would like to take part even while mediating “” schedule and discussing. The fascination of our movie is awfully pleasant. It sees again in seem to going to the well wrapped road, the feel which seems to be the unpaved road and rough feel which it seems to have to trim off with the something sandpaper are not appeal (smile). How this Jaecheol Chung character was studied, it wondered most. Jaecheol Chung inducing the edge line tension with the violent personality has the large-scale feature that it stutters. If it opens minutely until the little can take a portion of the screen center character, it can see to breathing one, face muscle movement, and motion of the body to become ‘the standing Cheolhwa’. The trace of the research and effort asks completely. The talk which it had the question about this, the character analysis and deep trouble are revealed poured out. Jaecheol Chung is the friend growing in the environment which the situation of the home is not good. Then, it is the case getting crooked into the bad direction. There was the talent about the driving. It is the character which risks life and limb always and plays the racing. As to “” stammering, originally the establishment was in the scenario. The many study including the part, and etc. was needed technical. Because the stuttering friend was among the schoolmate and this thinking of friend was much done. Data were much seen. The sprout Jik of the diaphragm is unstable. It gets to stutter because the problem is in the flow of the air. So, stuttering Jaecheol Chung gives a sigh much. But it seemed to be the sigh of a little bit stuffy mind while playing a role of Jaecheol Chung. It approached like that and studied. And the research was needed it was to how install this technology in short one speech. Surely it would like to tell that it worried with the supervisor. I didn’t go it alone. The new change wanted to be interestingly connived and Cho Jung-suk revealing ‘ half of Ppaeng ‘ one’s ppinion which “” is fresh there was to be piquant expressed the desire. It is Cho Jung-suk who comes and goes the irrespective of genre, Braun tube, screen, stage including the romance, comic, thriller, quadrupole, and etc. and there is no break, takes an active part diligently. ‘the half of Ppaeng’ opened the activity gunport already this year. The movie ‘exit’ shot last year and preparation that SBS meets the public with the new drama ‘the mung beans bloom’, that is the broadcast schedule, was finished. The expectancy leans if He opening the New Year of the door with the change is at the front of public as any kind of activity this year in the future. It is certain this. I would like to go continuously in the future in this way. One everyone high ‘ Cho Jung-suk this?it how is ‘cho Jung-suk’ which many people tell it how is and character that I am likely to do well of would like to be played a role Are you how? The character the idea getting of would like to be played a role. Filmography has been being continuously drawn in this way. What is always new the correct answer cannot come. However, when meeting new one, there be (smile) to be piquant.
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