There is the qualification that ‘the abuse dispute’ Reobeullijeu and evil replier throw the stone.


At the center of the abuse dispute, reobeullijeu hung head. The public was showing the unexpected reaction, one member 3 days Reobeullijeu all Baeeot was the abuse seized by the suspicion among Naver V live broadcasting. At that time, the Reobeullijeu member this Americas hosted the live broadcasting in order to communicate with the fans. At this time, one women “that XX is and that XX” that there was after this Americas told. It looked back and after calling as “sister”, it hurried and this Americas listening this concluded the broadcast. After all, in Naver V live, this broadcast image was deleted but spread rapidly through on-line community. The dispute became fierce. In conclusion, it revealed on 4th, “japan promotion was finished and while the withdrawal took a portion of the rest, that situation happened carelessly in the lodging” “it will cause anxiety to the fans and will be sorry and will be more careful in the company in the future”. It recognized that camera is turned on or it was unable to recognize, or the person concerned speaking ill the Reobeullijeu member or staff or one which was unable to be careful is clearly the mistake in other words. However, it has a lot of these making the eyes which is pitiful than these sending the voice of the blame for Reobeullijeu after the Reobeullijeu formal apology more to be the surprise. As to this reason, the context that Reobeullijeu received the internet bullying by some fans among the live broadcasting was due to be directly revealed at that time. If at the time image capture coming up to on-line community was seen, “the bare feet is shown” “X which the mind goes out” “you went broke” back sexual harassment or abusive comment was hung to Reobeullijeu and the evil repliers ridiculed. The netizens who become to know this fact did well. Express the anger if those internet bullyings are seen. The feeling says be bad. It is not alone sad at the strange horse. It is truly the Extreme Job. Hanya the sexual harassment is suppressed with when It was to blame to abuse the fighting ” (itzm****) ” to root for Reobeullijeu but it apologized and the abuse Meogeul In to is gone. The feeling garbage can approval ” (bigb****) etc. comment which laughs always and which it laughs even if it holds up the shame is hung and the idol raises the idol voice toward Reobeullijeu.
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