Cross ‘the Billboard →AMA→ Grammy’ BTS and limit of one group.


The Boy group bulletproof Boy Scouts makes the new record of the k pop once again. The variety reported the single that 4 days (local time) bulletproof Boy Scouts attended the 61 time ‘the Grammy award’ (Grammy Award) as the prizewinner. The music awards ceremony ‘the Grammy award’ having the authority which presents the trophy the U.S.A record art science academy selects the every year excellent record and album, and etc. Be selected as the U.S.A 3 shot music awards ceremony with ‘the Billboard music award (Billboard Music Awards, BBMA)’ and ‘the American music award (American Music Awards, AMA)’. The bulletproof Boy Scouts agency big hit entertainment attended ‘the Grammy award’ in which the bulletproof Boy Scouts takes place in the City of Los Angles in USA Staples center with 10 day (local time) on 5th. It proceeds South Korean local time in the morning on 11th and as to Mnet, the proprietary transmits ‘the Grammy award’ live this day from 9:50 a.m. Therefore, the honor attending the U.S.A 3 shot music awards ceremony altogether got to be born. As to previously, the bulletproof Boy Scouts, the formal is invited to ‘2,017 Billboard music award’ and ‘2,018 Billboard music award’ and in 2 series is suspicious in ‘the top Sosyeol artist (Top Social Artist)’ section. In ‘2,017 American music award’, ‘the Ppeiborit Sosyeol artist (Favorite Social Artist)’ trophy the debut first U.S.A TV stage hazing was received in the Chireot high and ‘2,018 American music award’. The reason why this ‘the Grammy award’ clothes of bulletproof Boy Scouts is meaningful is what. If the pass which ‘the Grammy award’ had been seeing directly so far and which was a bit narrow-minded and which was the racial discrimination is seen, this can know. ‘the Grammy award’ was due to be called to ‘the white Grammy’ ‘the league of them’ etc. in the selecting candidates and world process in the center of U.S.A singer of origin preferential treatment dispute and human race charge of discrimination so far. Therefore, this presence is as the prizewinner yet. However, this meaning is peculiar because of being the invitation of ‘the Grammy award’ which could not find the Boy group on the successive generations prize winner list. Besides, ‘the Grammy award’ presence is the meaningful splendid achievement to the members. As to previously, the bulletproof Boy Scouts Sugar, there is to reveal “the Hat 100 and the 2001th would like to be tried and Grammy to wants to be gone and the stadium tour wants to be tried” “the singer where there is the influence would like to become most in the world” the aspiration in the regularity 3 album LOVE YOURSELF all ‘Tear’ commemoration of sale press conference at May last year on 24th. The bulletproof Boy Scouts Sugar expressed the desire after in KBS 2TV variety program ‘entertainment Relay’ and U.S.A NBC ‘the Tonight Show (The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon) of Geemi Ppael run’ etc. “it would like to go to ‘ Grammy award ‘”. It is cautious, the group which it accomplishes altogether as it tells and goal set once get attention if the group bulletproof Boy Scouts accomplished this fruit anytime tacitly makes any kind of miracle at the next
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