It has a pain as ‘the auspices fairy’ shoe and ‘the gambling fall’ and love.


The gambling is the cienaga. This end is the catastrophe even if it starts lightly with the curiosity at first. Moreover, leave the fatal hurt and sequela more. Nevertheless, the temptation of the gambling is unable to be easily rejected. The experts tell that it can manage time so that the celebrities can be relatively free and the time is due to be guaranteed. It is the story that it cannot deny this environmental factor which it cannot help falling easily into temptation the reason why it touches on the gambling is respectively different. Mostly the entertainment world which has to survive the popularity competition is similar to the strong will to win of on nature gambling. Ups and downs are worse than what and ‘one time’ goes through. Even if no matter what, the long time stomach is hungry, it looks down if first of all, it decides on the Olla secretary to be piquant. It makes money by the relatively big unit one more, the several million won Jjeum doesn’t not have the tendency that it regards as ‘peanuts’. One which Uichi Yea is not to get along with the people as the closed which has to be aware of the surrounding eyes and enjoy the common leisure is selected as the reason. It stood in the center of the issue in the gambling ripple including the cheating, it is not if the numerous entertainers compensated for the illegal gambling or the gambling place operation and gambling debt so far and etc. It is Kim Yong-man, Junhoh Kim, boom, Shin Jung-hwan, powerful army a strong soldier Gyu, Hyesung Shin, Aendi, Sehyeong Yang, Lee Sang-Min, isomerism battle formation, this fibrous root, Byeongchin Choo, Tony Ahn, Hwang Kisoon, and etc. After getting involved in Philippines expedition case of gambling in 1997, the Hwang Kisoon who is the practical original succeeded in the recovery in the hard work effort and reflection including wheel chair split service, and etc. for years. It is mentioned as the entertainment world ‘the only gambling’ ‘the only gambling’ symbol person now. ◆ the pop star and mental stress center ‘the shade than the Yangji’ dependence Shin Jung-hwan catching the spotlight continually were enveloped in the gambling dispute in the domestic in the overseas in 2005 in 2010. The pop star and mental stress center ‘the shade than the Yangji’ dependence Shin Jung-hwan catching the spotlight continually did the overseas life for escape and after returning to home country in 2011, it was arrested. In conclusion, it got and served a sentence but the original sin came to the dengue fever lie controversy, and etc. and the entertainment world return was always frustrated. This fibrous root Kim Yong-man was sentenced to the probation year 1 for the illegal gambling in the imprisonment of 8 months with the probation in the imprisonment of 6 months in 2. It returns again to the mostly short steaming and the entertainers getting the light dealing including the doubleness fine summary indictment, and etc. are in active. The entertainers roll the mental stress as much as they catch the spotlight continually. On the other hand, the place to get rid of stress is not suitable. The exit is visited, the expectancy doesn’t not have the tendency than Brisket and flank by the shade naturally. The paragraph which can be observed carefully has that stars implicated in the gambling are altogether the male celebrity. In the entertainment world around, it tells on this part “in case the male entertainers are unable to be like that in being the preparation to have the interest in the meeting with the liquor or reason, mostly it gets to take an interest in the closed gambling”. The Hwang Kisoon spoke as “if the entertainment world gambling is talked in spite of being the bygones which 20 flows already, it is mentioned as the always symbolic person” “the reason this was overcome one in which I can do again this talk now felt the evil of the gambling from the Ppyeojyeo Ri than someone there was no honorable number”. He added “it was the same as the excuse but was poor at the liquor at all, the accumulated stress there be no way to be loosened” “after all, all ones were all lost to start without much thought with the curiosity and interest. The mind got lightly only after falling down to the bottom”. ◆ the national loved ‘the auspices fairy’ S.E.S with the childcare article talents The gambling charge of the member ‘the gambling ring on the water’ submission of trial ‘ the girl group S.E.S native shoe (37· one’s real name Suyeong Yoo) left to be unfortunate in another meaning. The fact that it borrows the money for gambling about 600 million won was opened to 2 acquaintances in one hotel casino of 6 months Seoul last year and shoe have 2 automobile engineer board about the first day right after New Year holidays (7 days) overseas charge of habitual gambling ahead was the world surprised. In inspection procedure, the suspicion of swindle part was under the being acquitted. However, one charge was the gambling of about 790 millionwon scale revealed in the overseas including Macao, and etc. and it was remitted to the trial. After shoe got married, it looked like figure which is contrary to the vivid mom image which is overlapped with the twins 2 daughter and the shock was more given. The eye line which is uncomfortable than the identification his gambling implication is unfortunately superior. He appearing in the court apologized “arouse criticism and be sorry”. However, it rose to the extraordinary malicious gossip with the dress reminding of the airport fashion. The black suit, the high heels and polished pink nail art which is suitable for this were noticeable to the eyes poisonousness. It is the reason why it is the authenticity suspected to reflect with the mouth. The public interest and attention are authentically double. The whim is serious. Even if no matter what, the hand clapping and encouragement was sent, any moment of attitudes is changed and the support is withdrawn. The cost which has to pay if the narcotic is unable to reject the temptation and first of all, the gambling is implicated is fatal. Rather the poison (toxin) comes to the law which cannot have all and which it cannot enjoy and professional specificity called pop star and It becomes the boomerang. Cinderella that It become the star in a day are plentiful at the entertainment world but have a pain only by watching the fall of ‘the auspices fairy’ shoe.
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