The black pink and U.S. ‘america’ live broadcasting appearance on the stage


The group black pink appears on U.S.A morning news show ‘america’. U.S.A ABC ‘america’ (Good Morning America, GMA) revealed through 5 days (local time) social media “the black pink shows the stage by the live broadcasting for U.S.A morning broadcasting debut in the times square studio next Tuesday”. According to the agency YG entertainment, appear in ‘america’ and 15 days ‘Strahan and Sara(GMA Day)’ on the coming 12th and meet the black pink with the American viewer. These decorate the live stage with the live broadcasting in ‘america’ studio in the New York in USA times square. The interest is received from U.S.A majority media and there is the black pink which cooperates with the inter scope of the U.S.A music company universalness music group and notifies real advance to the US in advance last year. ABCnews told “it announced already officially about the US Tour and put name and contracted with the inter scope of which Lady Gaga, Jedeu, Selee or Gomez, and etc. belongs to Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival lineup poster by the main”, saying that it was “the schedule which appears on the America ‘ and in which the black pink makes debut on American morning program for the first time with the next week ‘” this. The American economic magazine Forbes did “while the black pink announces U.S.A maser appearance on broadcasting officially, 2019 is not only for Korea and it is proving it gets the enormous popularity in U.S.A to go annually and will become”. After that, “as to the black pink, even if there was no real American promotion, it proved to be the pop group which subject of envy becomes already in U.S.A” “coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival lineup poster ‘ putting the name as the col Labo ‘ main with ‘ the Billboard Maine chart entry ‘ ‘2 the child reaper” etc. was mentioned. Moreover, it told to be “the schedule which appears on the America ‘ and in which the black pink captivates the attention of the audiences in the times square stage without a break”. Meantime, the black pink goes up coming April 12 and 19 days K the pop idol to ‘coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival’ stage, that is American greatest music festival, primally.
source : [, 2019/02/06 13:48:05]