The prior to holiday every day of the intern reporter?


There is always the entertainment department journalist after the busy entertainment world in which the case and accident may arise anytime. The reporters who the acquisition is stupid, run the information about all over the ground rapidly the correspondence luxuriates in the issue which it is unable to expect And their afters It is not. 4 month Cha intern reporter has been adapt to the entertainment world now just now is at this corner. The holiday the editorial office circle everyone is busy just before and entertainment division intern what does reporter when install at last first because of preparing the New Year holidays article? Leave together for the prior to holiday every day of the intern reporter. ◆ 06:00~07:00 every month and order by age? Not, neverthless, there cannot be that one to the busy prior to holiday and entertainment department journalist. As in dawn, the preparation going to work is done and it is dissimilar the cell phone is with one hand busily handled and while falling asleep, the toothbrush is confirmed for one hand whether there is no case · accident getting wider and issue which the entertainment world is fresh. If it is 7 o’clock sharp, after reporting the new tendency a day, it starts the way to work with on-line Portal site real time searching Eo and Portal entertainment news section main and most important single knight, and etc to the entertainment planning department desk. The cold wind through is gone and the steam of breath is spited out and it starts to the office building. ◆ After alighting quickly on the seat after 08:30~12:00 attendance and turning on the laptop one by one and filling out the drivers related to the issue of that day, confirm the release. The process (the reporters follow and say this) are quickly made if the single explodes. There is no chance to be rested all the time till the lunch time. The articles coming out refreshingly are seen and the flow has to be checked if how the entertainment world flows that day a day. The morning doesn’t have the mind because of spending the time during mostly in this way. If it is the long-awaited lunch time, the Ttwing chaff leaves the office quickly, the energy has to be supplemented. ◆ If 13:00~15:00 lunch meal is finished and it comes around, then the large-scale mountain has to be crossed. Directly, the large-scale homework called ‘the stood special article’ is due to remain. The related special article is prepared at the end of the year and beginning of the year and holiday and in order to deliver the enjoyment and information to the audiences together, it tries. The special article quota which is given to each reporter is filled. It tries in order to keep the deadline which the desk sets. ‘jjujju Woo’ which ‘ [TF rumor planning] the intern reporter would like to feed the rice-cake soup ★ it increases. The inquiry survey paper was sent out to the reporter of each editorial office 25 people and the answer was gotten in order to prepare. After collecting the answers by each item now, it fits to this and the article is used and gone down. For your reference, Park Bo-gum was selected by the first. It has the nail printed style of writing to forget the smile bright of Park Bo-gum showing in ‘boyfriend’ production presentation. It will live of the intern reporter at that time, if the article covering will wonder fullness [TF intern notebook], the man without ‘boyfriend’ will be sad and will live, read. Anyway, after reporting to the desk if the special article is finished, the revision or correction fact of is received a directive and in this way, the news is finished. The many efforts are given to the subscriber everyone and special article in this way. Read enjoyably all. ◆ 18:00~22:00 office hours ended but ‘office hours’ doesn’t have the large-scale meaning in the fact and entertainment department journalist. The upper part mentioned. However, any kind of thing may take place anytime. The Portal site of is gone in and out with the break time from the cell phone in spare time and the entertainment-related issue is checked on the way home from work after the home arrival among the dinner dinner. If, if the case happens, it is with the preparation stage which turns on the notebook directly any time and which it deals. In this way, it is fidgety and the today wishes to pass safely. ◆ The night which 22:00~25:00 now is rather dark The majority is among the subscriber the place to fall asleep now. Then, does every day of the intern reporter seem to end? It is not like that. The reader everyone who it reads this article now and who is rides. However, the intern reporter doesn’t have the chance to be gotten tired. ‘the topic of conversation first of the ten celestial stems’ drama JTBC ‘SKY Castle’ having the last episode broadcasting ahead directly (at last first, the end) is due to remain. As soon as the broadcasting ends, it uses and the article has to be hurriedly reported to the desk in order to handle the end article after the last episode ‘original broadcast resolution’. Now, really, the end the article is released the deskewing against is hit The holiday just before day of the entertainment division intern reporter ends in this way. Was the curiosity for every day of the reporters that were here and there the shot cleared off anytime and anywhere and ran and work for the audiences even a bit eased? Ask the interest which is many in Huichoo Kim intern reporter in the future.
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