“the twenty the new year’s soup is eaten”.2019 year rising star?


In no time, 20-year-old adult came to 2,000 former millennium babies. Do for these who you grow into the lady in the girl, grow into the man in the boy, the Ppyeol seven magnetism expectancy is any kind of activity expected? The Moat Seup kneader 2,000 former rising star stars to so honor this year ◆ one people may be not among the actor in which maybe many these are taking notice of the real curvet as the Chanhui and ‘SKY Castle’. The space role is undertaken in JTBC drama ‘SKY Castle’ ended 1st which the Chanhui, that is the life, passes with this star at January 17th in 2000 and it is the delicate emotion performance the Ppyeolchyeoneun part. He who was previously framed in the TvN drama ‘signal’ and plays a role of the good friend role which is in the feel victimized position chopped the eye contact with ‘SKY Castle’ properly. The singer activity is gone side by side with the group SF9 member who the chan is white. It be expected to become the idol actor where there is Kyongsu Do of the empire children temporary and exo. ◆ Hyeonsoo Kim who is 23 Ilsaeng made debut with the bijou which Hyeonsoo Kim and Kim Hyesoo check as the movie ‘crucible’ on June, 2000 in 2011. The audience He who takes charge and plays a role of the intelligent girl Yeondo Kim role having the auditory disability in the movie was without a break captivated with the remarkable acting ability. The whole delay child’s part, and etc. of was taken care in the KBS2 drama ‘the exorcism doctor’ SBS TV show ‘you breaking out at the star’ after and the sense of presence was boasted. One volume of year 2,016 movie and drama tended to be made that He becomes distinguished on a full scale. In the movie ‘the good bye single’, the single mother role was undertaken and Kim Hyesoo and breathing was fitted. Here, hyeonsoo Kim was observed carefully and it said praise again. And in JTBC drama ‘the perjury of Solomon’, the starring role of was played and the initiative work was led. Like this, it is one people with the stable acting ability among the actor get attention refreshingly. ◆ the Chung Dabean and 17-in service veteran actor icecream girl Chung Dabean came in no time, the twenty. He who is 25 Ilsaeng visits the drama and movie often on April, 2000 and the active performance activity is engaged. The public and actor meeting most the most frequently is thinking about being not among the peer. The SBS TV show ‘do you kiss in advance?’ This process, where it goes over to the adult actor from the child’s part it appears in ‘Kijeoken Yeop she’ MBC drama ‘rebel’ ‘in prison’ etc. well, the Bonaet Seup kneader There will be no also to will be double-tongued as to the acting ability and character digestive power as much as it will be him belonging already in the veteran actor axis with 17-in services of debut. The activity of the Chung Dabean build the character of me with the peculiar stable acting ability it is lively is expected. ◆ the interest of business circles about the man of ability actor castle Yoo Bin want in the castle Yoo Bin and business field is quite big. He who is 25 Ilsaeng made debut as the movie ‘the Wan interest’ on July, 2000 in 2011. The man like the person, as to him has been tramp the geographical condition with the child actor slowly went well in no time. In every kind of agency, the rumor that it would like to scout him is widely spread. The strong impression was left in the TvN drama ‘the Mr. Syeonsya phosphorus’ ‘the exorcism wipe’ KBS2 drama ‘helper’ and movie ‘the surviving child’ ‘the child can speak’ recently. The man best acting award which is the shoes in the nineteenth time Busan film critic society was received in last year. As much as He showing the stable acting ability through the child actor holds the potential which is enough as the adult actor, the interest is concentrated in his activity this year.
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