Be ‘the sincerity arrives’ Donguk Lee ♥ induction better. Leave vividly.


The start in which the new romantic comedy drama ‘the sincerity arrives’ of the actor Donguk Lee Yuin is joyful was taken, the cable channel TvN new TV drama on Wednesdays and Thursdays ‘the sincerity arrives’ (the script Imyeongsuk Choeborim · direction Bakjun) broadcasted the day with 6 at 9:30 p.m. In this day broadcast, the talk in which the top actor Oh gloss (be the one’s real name Chinshim Oh · induction better and be resentful) gets to be always employed as the perfectionism lawyer Kwon Jeong rock (donguk Lee) secretary to the law firm with the stomach was drawn. The drama aroused the curiosity in the romantic comedy genre from the broadcast in that it was the new work of the Bakjun PD producing the getting back together of Donguk Lee keeping time in ‘goblin’ once and Yuin and ‘Siksya be done’ ‘this time student of is the first time’ ‘why Kim Beesuh is like that’ etc. The reactions come out of ‘it is obvious’ as the development where it is predictable, little childish setting up, and etc. However, the favorable comment called ‘nevertheless, it is interesting’ stops. Moreover, the fascination of which is cold even when being arrogant the was lively and loveable mood of Chinshim Oh whom it went out, they act and Kwon Jeong rock which Donguk Lee is resentful were in harmony and the fascination spread. The expectation for the cheerful romance was fully raised. The activity got to be stopped in Oh gloss by the narcotic scandal with three years olds of zaibatsu for 2 years. Then, it was fascinated in the script center lawyer character of Sechin Lee artist who gets to see fortuitously. The will that it visited the writer and would like to appear on the drama was hinted. All Badat the suggestion that however it is ‘the law firm field training’ in Oh gloss, that is so called, ‘the foot acting’ ability, from Sechin Lee author in spite of being 17-in services of debut The basic task that is, Chinshim Oh gave the smile to the audience in Oh gloss advancing into the law firm with the splendid costume as the done nap in order to be clumsy. The sorrow to was given vent with the cold reaction of the Kwon Jeong rock. The anger was inflamed with the feel victimized mind. Chinshim Oh to the Kwon Jeong rock and then showing the cold manner to me “is the woman hated in any chances?”It shot back but the absurd reactoin is shown and ” that woman likes the Kwon Jeong rock. It liked quite, it told and approached Chinshim Oh near and the anticipation was induced. The sincerity arrived, the first broadcastings the average 4.7 % (under Nielsen Korea whole country charge platform furniture standard) recorded 6.0% audience rating most. The end audience rating of the previous work ‘boyfriend’ is the grade which is unable to affect the half to 10.3%. However, the outcome gets attention if the end audience rating of the previous work ‘boyfriend’ attracts the audience gradually and displays the gallant pass.
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