Does the publicity team want to be known? “ask us”


The thing in which the things is not and which publicizes the star The characteristic of the star is well grasped. It is the main task to let the public know this according to the trend. However, it doesn’t stop in the part which it publicizes just. PR report material is distributed to the press company which the number increases drastically recently. Also, it is in charge of SNS PR and star interview progress. One which it will have to do including each work monitoring, press action, and etc. rolls innumerably. The private life is meaningless to the publicity team. The war has to be paid 24 hour on 365th. The Seoul Gangnam-ku SidusHQ office building met the publicity team on the 23rd of last month afternoon. The reason why it meets SidusHQ is due to veteran company which it is already over the year 20 with the Ji which is established when being the agency which the publicity team manages in the entertainment producing company most the most for the first time. Presently, the star sees Janghyeok, Woobean Kim, Yoochung Kim, and team. Kijun Eom, Kim Bora, Sonhoh Park, Baek saint, Haneul Kim, Misuk Lee, Wu Guang rock, conspicuous color the soul, and etc. is almost 54 people. All Deureot their stories till Z from A of the publicity team Geeyeon Kim manager getting kicked due to this year with the public relation in 10 and Huiyoon Cho deputy getting kicked on the year 6 is met “when it watches to the actor interview, at the time when we interview, it is nervous and is tense.” Do after like that. No more than the number which it proceeds with the interview of the stars, the interviewee comes to the publicity team looking at this on the side directly, is awkward Elementarily asked what the work which the publicity team installs is. Geeyeon Kim manager does the report material and medium, reporter management, and etc. with ” basic. The interview progress and broadcast monitoring, and etc. were done, it explained. The entertainment world changes suddenly with the overspeed. It has to keep in step with the trend. The strategy pulling the public Gumi is needed. Kim Gwajang told “the platform is increased in these days and in order to utilize well, this is tried”. To tell the ago and other point in 10, the platform which can be publicized increased. It grasps so much rapidly. There is the part trouble that it has to make in order to utilize this but there is the fun. The number chance to appeal the fascination of the actors we know to the public increases and this point is perfect. It is working with the sense of duty. Kim Gwajang spoke in the requirement of the publicity team as “the strength and sense and etiquette”. He added “because the weekend to be one or two pyongs of the actors doesn’t may be covered and the incidents may happen and anytime, the strength and mental strength has to be good” “when the sense and etiquette is needed as much as the man is much met” the explanation. The men the publicity team facing stop innumerably. Till the manager as well as the position stars, each broadcasting corporation medium reporter, and dozen the men in the agency The stress about the man is surprising. Huiyoon Cho agent is sorry “even when the man is so much met and even it is unable to check, there is”. In the production presentation and press conference, especially, the reporters were good and if the place met, the white pages used to come to the hair and even so, it confessed Ssaettungmat. Cho agent revealed the occupational disease which the publicity team holds. The He “when as for any kind of star the serious matter exploded, how this agency corresponds. This process is waited and is seen whether it handles and the simulation is tried” explained. After that, it did “because of being the job in which it is holding up the cell phone always, the time when it will take a shower is held and it enters”. It takes care to prepare the time the contact causing the unexpected case · accident and it is in any chances. He explained and “when meeting the man of god or new stars, the picture is drawn with the mind that maybe how it utilizes and hises advantage is publicized”. SidusHQ is the company which the publicity team manages in the entertainment producing company for the first time for the first time 20 years ago. The need of the fast press action and star marketing is felt and made. Even if the agency which gets out of SidusHQ and is made installs, it is surprising. As much as that, the pride is big as the publicity team working in this company. As to Kim Gwajang, ” our company, as to the employment separation rate is small. Because of being the atmosphere like the family, the atmosphere is harmonious. There was no much, the case where it moves was said. Asked “the qualification criteria is what” in order that It becomes the publicity team employee. In the meantime, asked “anya it doesn’t pull out well it can be said to be the fan of the celebrity” usually to be wonder. Because of be said to being the fan of ” someone, it is poor to join and it is not like that. There is a lot of the case where the friends having that mind exhibit the sense more well. Only, it becomes one which it takes care to satisfy the ulterior motive the problem. There is the entertainer and man who supports in order to become close. What is hard to work together that man is sometimes. We tend to see the human oneself than the spec much. The right toughness is important. After that, asked on problem of the publicity team. The long time about was worried and Kim Gwajang and Cho agent spoke as “one and the drama that it is unable to meet the friend in the weeknight cannot be watched as the fun”. All every days seemed to be already accumulated. Absolutely the drama which ” our actors come out cannot be watched as the fun. When it is truly difficult, it is the time which is uninteresting when our actor comes out. Ha-ha. Nevertheless, it is trying to attach. It is every day to the friend is unable to meet. So, to run the publicity team, the man who can be the Bat son has to install these situations. In this way, there is no and there is no privacy. Nevertheless what is the reason why they are working this job for a long time? It is very vigilant but has the appeal so much to publicize ” man. One in which we have an influence on the biography a portion of him So, there is lots of the time to feel the idea that it has to feel the sense and do well. The good work is trying to write down the word one by one carefully when the good work writes down the official position not. The sense is much felt. It is interesting as much as it is difficult. This field is the same as the cienaga and cannot get out of. (Smile).
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