“it came truly to the rumor bad luck”…’The Extreme Job ‘ 2019 the first the thousand ten thousand the work


The real came to the rumor bad luck. The movie ‘extreme Job’ (the supervision Lee Byung-hun) showing the Simsangchian reactoin from the premiere exceeded 10 million audiences in 15 days of premiere. It is the year 6 with the comedy movie after ‘the gift on the route No. 7 room’. ‘extreme Job’ acceded to the 18th and 10 million movies with the Korean movie. ‘extreme Job’ is the work which the word of mouth appears already from the unsealing because of being interesting. However, this someone was unable to forecast 10 million audiences of the comedy movie. After all, ‘extreme Job’ which is getting the love of the audience after opening is the steps to be “the luckiest lot it is interesting”. ‘the stood speciality’ played a role that ‘extreme Job’ could gather the audience in this way. The special procurements for New Year holidays finding the theater district by the family as people of all ages and both sexes someone or movie man enjoying is enjoyed with the legitimacy. Here, it became more and more till the unexpected reaction and patentee ‘the sticky metabolism’ of Lee Byung-hun director and the taste of the audience was properly shot. ‘extreme Job’ is the performance which is rare to see as the comedy genre. Here, the curiosity is attracted if it is fast and the how manymore many audiences get. The successive generations 10 million movie rank 1 ‘conviviality’ (17.61 million people ·2014s), 2 ‘- Crime And Punishment along with the god’ (14.41 million people ·2017s), 3 ‘international market’ (14.26 million people ·2014s), quarternity ‘avatar’ (13.62 million people ·2009s), 5 ‘veteran’ (13.41 million people ·2015s), 6 ‘monster’ (13.01 million people ·2006s), 7 ‘thieves’ (12.98 million people ·2012s), and the eighth ‘gift from Room 7’ (12.81 million people ·2013s), 9 ‘assassination’ (12.7 million people ·2015s), and 10 ‘the man who It becomes the mine pollution and king’ (12.31 million people ·2012s))The, 11 ‘the man of the king’ (12.3 million people ·2005s), 12 ‘- phosphorus along with the god and kite’ (12.27 million people ·2018s), 13 ‘taxi driver’ (12.18 million people ·2017s), 14 ‘the Korean flag is flapped. And’ (11.74 million people ·2004s), 15 ‘the Busan Haeng’ (11.56 million people ·2016s), 16 ‘haeundae’ (11.45 million people ·2009s), 17 ‘counsel’ (11.37 million people ·2013s), and the 18th ‘ Eobenjyeoseu: ‘ (1,121 people ·2018s) increased until cried Infinity. 1.131502 million people was mobilized according to Korean Film Council movie ticket integrated computer network total result at last sixth day on 7th and 10.529848 million accumulated audience was ranking. The interest is concentrated that maybe ‘extreme Job’ takes care of the successive generations 10 million movie several Wi in the future. The stuff could not visit the audience while the theater district for, the depression of the Korean movie was connected last year. However, ‘extreme Job’ breaks through 10 million audiences from the New Year and the tendency which is good for the Korean movie this year with is infused.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1744901.htm, 2019/02/07 09:44:55]