The girl group we are ‘it asks to be different’.JYP ITZY and voice teaser release which


The teaser in voice who the girl group ITZY (there is), that is the god of JYP entertainment, expresses the group identity was introduced. JYP entertainment (under JYP) revealed 7 days “it asks to be the first digital single album ‘IT’z Different (the dipper runt there is) ‘ and title song ‘ different, it announces on the coming 12th at 6 p.m. and the formal makes debut in the worlds of singers”. ITZY is the girl group, that is the god showing in JYP after the WonderGirls, Miss A, and Tteuwaiseu in 4 years. On 7th, in the midnight JYP SNS channel and ITZY official site, ‘it asks to be different’ voice teaser video putting 5 Saek voice who is the member 5 was published. The visual and ‘I don’ T Care What They Say which the image heart ITZY member foreknowledge, rear, Ryuchin, Chaeryeong, and effeminacy belch the charisma look out I am just who I am.’The of small but sturdy build message was expressed with its own voice and the expectation for the color of the group and debut concept were raised. It asked to be different and open the advantage of many genres including EDM, house, hip-hop, and etc. was gathered with ‘the form of the existing K pop is broken and it makes refreshingly’ Fusion Groove (the fusion groove) ‘ genre and it completed. Does iTZY have ‘ you’s needs all? There be. It is 5 group new groups having the meaning. These became a hot issue with the splendid career previously early. It donated SBS ‘3 K pop star’ and Mnet ‘sikseuttin’ and effeminacy to the Mnet ‘the stray kids’ etc. and ‘LOVE YOURSELF Highlight Reel’ of the bulletproof Boy Scouts and JTBC ‘the mix court lady’ and Chaeryeong SBS ‘the Fan’ and Ryuchin became a hot issue. Here, it joined. Meantime, the title song ‘it asks to be different’ and debut digital single album ‘IT’ Z Different ‘the recording song can be put on sale. Self-purify prior to this on 11th’ asks to be different p.m. 6 on 12th and as to ITZY, the line reveals the music video.
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