“the Hunminjeongeum story” The Gangho Song X Park Hea-il ‘the Naramassa U.S’ crank up


The movie ‘the Naramassa U.S’ (the supervision Cheolhyun Cho) of the starring by Park Hea-il of the actor Gangho Song finished the long march between 4 month. The distributor Mega-box central plus M revealed on 7th, “‘ Naramassa beauty ‘ which Gangho Song, Park Hea-il, and all America line appears finished the shooting on the 31st of last month”. After that, it added “the domestic everywhere including, that is Seoul, Paju, and dragon, Yeong-Ju, Sunchon, nqp Munkyong, kogsong, PuYeo, Hapchun Jeonju, Sanchong, Buan, Hadong, Andong, and etc. through was threaded way for the shooting period and the scenery which was colorful and beautiful was served”. All Damat the story of the men who it hung its own all ones up for the people and participated as the belief of Sejong creating Hunminjeongeum and indomitability but ‘the Naramassa U.S’ is unable to be recorded in the history Gangho Song takes risk of the opposition of the subjects monopolizing the letters and knowledge by the power and the writing draws the wage of the place which is the highestest among as Sejong the Great who started the Hangul origination with the belief that it is the people thing and finished. Park Hea-il undertook Shin-mi monk station who is Buddhist monk where there could not help being in the place where it is the lowest as the policy of pressure on the Buddhism of Joseon Dynasty. All America line undertook the Soheon queen role which shares the human nap of Sejong the Great the Bodeumeu the Hangul origination and which was wise and in which it is broad width and performed the hot rolling. Cheolhyun Cho supervision “the good actor and staff seems to be met and the shooting seems to be safely finished in hises self-sacrificing effort thanks to” seem to be another start from ” now. It will do best for the work of the latter half so that their pains will not may be vain and it told. ‘the Naramassa U.S’ is planning to open at summer of 2019.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1744905.htm, 2019/02/07 10:37:42]