The luxurious, on 13th, the solo debut decision Only five years of smallpox nothing debut


The girl group smallpox nothing luxurious makes the self-support with the debut in 5 years. As to the agency RBW, ” luxurious makes debut as the solo on 7th on 13th. After debutting as the digital single putting its own color fullness, as much as it was the solo which it announces for the first time, heart and soul on were concentrated and it prepared and revealed. Therefore, the album which puts up its own name in 5 years since debutting as the smallpox nothing in 2014 got to be announced. The luxurious shows the self-composed music ‘it is indifferent’ including ‘give’ cooperated along with Rokko through the smallpox nothing 6 number mini album so far. However, as to solo, putting up its own name this is the first time. The luxurious exhibited sufficiently previously the unique charisma of me with every kind end-of-year awards stage and MBC variety program ‘buy alone’. After broadcasting, every kind Portal site real time searching Eo was held and the influence was proved. As much as that, the expectancy of the fans is rising in the solo debut news of the luxurious. Meantime, the luxurious announces the first soloes on the coming 13th.
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