‘the nice men’… Iho circle · I Min hyuk · Rokko · a year ‘the nice men’ joins the army on 7th.


The group infinite singer of origin and actor Iho circle (28), B2B member and actor this Min hyuk (29), and wrapper Rokko (30) and year (29) join the army side by side. The Iho circle this Min hyuk Rokko a year starts into the obligation of the national defense on 7th. Altogether, the separate the enlistment event doesn’t proceed. As to the Iho circle, the active service and this Min hyuk Rokko a year is the obliged police service. It published the autograph letter in the fan cafe at last fifth and ㅇ the Iho circle joining the army as the soldier in active service informed the news “because of being the duty which it will have to do as the people, it will send well to the time which can become mature more instead of the now and will come” to be gallant. This Min hyuk joining the army as the third Jjae among the B2B member was accepted by the obliged police at August last year. It will not have been getting hurt and He has been being well not ㄷ in the solo concert held at last second healthily and valorously. The impression which it will come around to be more imposing and has the enlistment ahead was expressed. Moreover Rokko was accepted by the obliged police at November last year. At 6 o’clock p.m., one everyone the fan with the announcement the new the extended play album ‘the hello’ and regretful people Rokko enters this day Nonsan Military Training Center As to annually, the agency Beuraennyu music, there is to give the obliged police success in an examination of at September last year one year. The enlistment all last concert was held annually last month. The second opinion mini album ‘the Eobaut time (About Time)’ is announced on the coming eighth.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1744913.htm, 2019/02/07 10:58:49]