Youkwansun after 3·1 exercise? … the orphan Seong starring ‘resistance’ and strong second ring advance notice


The actor orphan Seong starring movie ‘ resistance drawing the story of the national heroine Yoo Kwan-Soon: Youkwansun story ‘ is recovered to the audience. The movie ‘ resistance: Youkwansun talk ‘ (the supervision Minhoh Cho and manufacture Co. DC Ji plus · the Joreu bar film) opened the main poster on 7th and concentrated the attention. Resistance: Youkwansun story ‘ is the Sodaemun jail 8 room center which 3 pyongs don’t become after 3.1 hurrah movements and movie the soul dealing the story of the year 1 of Youkwansun who was free than someone and 8 room women in 1919. As to the revealed main poster, the strong mood which is expressed as black and white and is located in the middle is deep and determined look of the resolute look of the Sodaemun prison 8 room the heart women and orphan surname captivate the attention. In addition, the story of small but sturdy build Youkwansun who confronted the kana key in the jail fairly and didn’t yield to the belief and hot rolling of the orphan castle are notified and the expectancy about the work is raised. Until the parasitic Hyanghwa Kim put in prison along with Youkwansun (saebyeok Kim) and coffee shop employee rear house (hadam Chung) can realize Youkwansun school senior recommendation (gimyeeun), the curiosity leans to the spreading case to the back. The movie looks forward with Wellmade period play where there is ‘run alone’ ‘park heat’ of ‘hyeohngchoo Deok’ production crew. The fighter for independence is usually handled after the life of 17-year-old girl Youkwansun who is the man and 3.1 hurrah movements which it doesn’t inform ㅇ before well till the story previously. It is having the unsealing a period ahead on the coming 27th.
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