2 month releases to be caught ‘extreme Job’ up to?


The interest about the next movies to pitch in the theater district is leaning while the movie ‘extreme Job’ (the supervision Lee Byung-hun) the first 1000 accedes the audience movie in 2019. While the slump grade of the Korean movie was washed off last year and the good tendency was predicted, 2 month unsealing expected pieces were examined. ◆ ‘witness’ and Woosung Chung X Kim fragrance “are you the good man?” The movie asking the heavy question to the audience and all Chaneun however the trivial smile is included in this inside interesting one art 2 month theater districts It is directly, ‘witness’ of Woosung Chung Hyangki Kim starring. All Damat the story which this work happens while the lawyer Soonhoh (the Woosung Chung) which has to prove the innocence of the powerful murder suspect meets the autism girl close friend (hyangki Kim) who is the only witness of the spot of incident It is heavy if the meterial is seen. It doesn’t seem to be easy to find the fun as this work dealing the legal series and murder case and story of the child having the autism spectrum here. However, because there was the unexpected fun and ‘witness’ revealed in the press distribution trade show gave the inversion last month. The change in acting style of the actor gracilis muscle Hyeong which sleeps the father way of Woosung Chung and takes a role as the station is interesting. Change into the father who is kind even when He who it was frozen so far, met frequently with the audience with the standing in the stern aspects of father is off the wall and give with the smile. ‘chemie’ of the Lee, Yi Gyuhyeong appearing as the role among the novice inspection Hui and Woosung Chung is and worth seeing. The feel that 2 people advances together rather than he is pitted against each other is strong. In this work, because the villain to says be like that doesn’t appear, there is no thing in which it will frown the impression. The movie ‘witness’ inspiring the smile which it is not provocative, is trivial opens on the coming 13th. ◆ Jaehyun Jang director introducing ‘the Saba Ha’ and a bit unfamiliar meterial called ‘the black priests’ Jaehyun Jang director new work exorcism priest in the domestic work meets with the audience in the new work ‘the Saba Ha’. ‘the Saba Ha’ is the mystery thriller which gets to do the bad luck week and in which the Mocksa Park (this standing) following the new religious sector goes into the suspicious character and cases. Because of being the work in which the actor this standing comes back to the modern play after long interval, many this interests against is hit and there is. As much as ‘the black priests’ inspires previously the large-scale shock to the audience, the expectancy about ‘the Saba Ha’ is high. As much as it is the talk of the characters doing the new religious sector stimulating the curiosity of the audience and developing and mystery getting complicated here supernatural, it is attracting attention from the unsealing. The performing actors are solid. Park Chungmin, this man of talent, Chinyeong Chung, ferryboat Gyu, Idawit, and etc. perform the hot rolling including this standing and the degree of concentration of the work is improved. Especially it looks forward like the simpleness next which the rookie this man of talent excavates in ‘the sword one’s teacher systems’ that maybe It becomes the Chung-mu road’s new jewelry. Open on the coming 20th. ◆’ resistance: Youkwansun story ‘the movie Youkwansun 3.1 the, orphan castle draws hurrah movement in the 100th anniversary which is commemorated’ resistance: Youkwansun story ‘ visits the audience. This film is the Sodaemun prison 8 room center which the public opinion doesn’t become after 3.1 hurrah movements and work the soul dealing the story of the year 1 of Youkwansun who was free than someone and 8 room women in 1919. Here, youkwansun was expressed. ‘ resistance: Youkwansun story ‘ sheds intensive light on the life of 17 girl Youkwansun. It is planning to be handled till the story of 3.1 after hurrah movement. It is the work of ‘hyeohngchoo Deok’ production crew mobilizing 5.6 million audiences and especially the expectancy about the percentage of completion is high. In the current work, a bit unfamiliar actors appear much. The actor Saebyeok Kim, Gimyeeun, Hadam Chung, and etc. perform the characteristic acting and the eye contact is planning to be put for the audience. Open on the coming 27th.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1745013.htm, 2019/02/08 11:22:48]