2 round beginning D-DAY…’The act your daughter 17′ and three points of interest


The domestic longest life season the drama ‘spoiled Young-ae’ opens the gunport of the 17th talk. The cable channel TvN new Friday drama ‘spoiled Young-ae 17’ (the script Hanseolhui · white pages string · Hongbohui, direction one phase ash, and under ‘ the act your daughter 17’) production crew opened the points of interest before the first broadcastings on 8th this day at 11 p.m. The nickname that this season is ‘the mother YoungAe season 1’ appeared. The audiences are made cry for a long time and the Urin YoungAe (hyunsuk Kim) comes back to ‘mother’ and two rounds of life into is gone. The expectancy leans to ‘the Yugahwaltu pole’ in which YoungAe who passes the old maid days and succeeds in the marriage comes back to ‘the working mind’ and which spreads. ◆ ‘the act your daughter’ showing first levels of year 2,007 passed ‘the act your daughter 17’ and hop of the second is the domestic longest life season the drama having been receiving in 12 years steady love along with almost, the episode of 305 volume (the season 16 standard)s. The struggle by oneself of the employees starting around the character this your daughter (hyunsuk Kim) which seems to represent the South Korean old maid was realistically put and the love of the audiences was gotten. As the season was repeated, it was stronger and one refreshing humor and hot rolling of the actors making the laughter built the brand called ‘the act your daughter’ based on the realistic sympathy. In 17 number season this, ‘the act your daughter’ comes back to ‘the mind your daughter’. One phase having been taking charge of ‘the act your daughter’ direction was slept and as to theme, that it is the work of the old maid who is the first stage planning intention and love as to producer, the act got off the whole season finally. This season guessed the meaning to be one ” that it is the meaningful season when the hop the office story is a center of the turbulent Yugahwaltu pole of Young-ae who It becomes the mother and the second schedule “it is this” that is expected and it raised the expectancy. ◆ ‘the working mind’ YoungAe and hot Yugahwaltu drama was spread, ‘the act your daughter’ had been receiving the love which is big for the story in which it reflects the reality. It was ordinary but the audiences which watched the growth history of Korea representative old maid YoungAe till the love without the day which it will wind dies down from desperate one sided love, everyday of the dry and tough old maid, and behaving carelessly in the job in 12 years and cried and laugh sympathized with confident YoungAe always. The cheer was not saved against. Two rounds of life of the YoungAe which confronts the prejudice in the dry and tough reality and world and gives with the delightful smile starts. Here, seongjun who is reborn as the successive generations class daughter fool from the love Kkun and appearance of the bee louse has been raise the curiosity, as to the fun point is expected to be pointed. The honeybee which resembles vigorous YoungAe and makes a boast of the storm growth expects the old objection ‘the nation nephew’ accession to the throne. The turbulence office life of ‘the working mind’ YoungAe returning to the pardise corp. after the complications will start interestingly more than what. The curiosity is amplified for the talk which buys the pardise without the day which it will wind dies down still with the growth phase of YoungAe declaring ‘the office smallpox’ and Seongjun volunteering for ‘the latte Ppa Ppa’ and appears in the pardise corp. new the presidents and which the members spread. ◆ the teamwork of the actors have been fit the time breathing which the perfect combination and synergy ‘the expectancy ↑’ 10 year with the Membeo 新 are over is one among ‘the act your daughter’ secret of popularity. The activity as ‘the mind your daughter’ which Hyunsuk Kim inspiring the always delightful fun will show and Yugahwaltu pole of ‘the love Kkun’ Seongjun is notified. Return due to the charisma which is also not changed with the YoungAe Ne family father (the eulogy civilians Hyeong), mother (kim feeling lower part), Hyeokgyu Kim (the Ghose circle), and this brilliant color (the Dahye Chung) It becomes the strong strength always. It puts. It puts. It is still noisy and the Chajang Yoon (suhhyun Yoon) and Gwajang Chung (the stop pure amount) lead the pardise corp. without the day which it will wind dies down including the clitoris manager (lamy the minute) which shouts and tows the popularity which every season is hot. Leave this Gyu heartburnings which drops the disintegration last season smile bomb to the adult webtoon writer when being the cousin one’s younger brother of Seongjun with the comic role upgraded more and more upon the smile manufacture. Also the members to infuse with the new energy amplify the expectancy. The pardise which the character in which it quickens whatever it is, and the satisfaction is solved is urgent is bought and the Chung Boseok notifying change in acting style coming and goes the serious nap and fascination funny in advance is resentful with new presidents. (it is Ri), which is resentful as the new bookkeeper collecting of female mouths after oviposition who buys the pardise and does the Jwirakpyeo rock the real force clitoris manager look forward. Moreover, the disintegration this Gyu heartburnings and different ‘the rooftop house Beu romance’ is expected to be shown through the assistant trapezoid without the Gyu Oriental medicine mercy.
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