‘already, 20 anniversaries’… Kkoyottae, today, (8 days) commemoration album release


The mixed group Kkoyottae (go to the Shinji, Chongmin Kim, and conections) attaining the debut in the 20th anniversary as this year arranges the special gift for the fans. Like this, KG company told on 8th that he revealed and Kkoyottae opened the commemorative album ‘REborn’ (ribbon) to every kind sound source site at 6 o’clock this afternoon in the 20th anniversary. As to Kkoyottae, the line reveals the album release all remake tune ‘appeal’ and ‘our hope’ previously and the attention is centered. Three tunes of new musical composition and hit song is remade ‘purity’, ‘the ratio sulkiness’, ‘appeal’, ‘meeting’, ‘demonstration’, and ‘our hope’ back total 12 track which the commemorative album ‘REborn’ is planning to be collected of Kkoyottae including the title song ‘Pact’ till ‘thriller’ and ‘the Sad night’ in the 20th anniversary in order. Meantime especially, the title song ‘Pact’ is the tune in which the since theme enters the rat and which can show the fascination of the members most the most effectually with the tune in which Shinji takes part in the writing the lyrics on the rhythmical house bit. In the 20th anniversary commemorative album which beating everyone the Kkoyottae members who greet the anniversary with 20 it be expected to tell about the special color the singing ability stabilized of Chongmin Kim expressing the story of realistic man and woman pathetically and Shinji and rap of the conections Ga which makes the feel of me and groove it stands out more and more it participates in the rap making directly are in harmony waitsIt got to bring out at last. The fans were planning to be frequently met through the various activities in the future and it is planning to repay your love, many expectancy and interests was asked and it told. Moreover, it is the plan which appears in KBS 2TV ‘music Bank’ with the comeback today on 8th and which it opens the first stages. Meantime, kkoyottae made debut as 1 album ‘the silence Tae’ ‘the silence Tae’ in 1998 and it had been receiving the love which is abundant by the thinner the cheerful Korean style dance music in 20 years till ‘Bing Bing’ on December, 2016.
source : [http://news.tf.co.kr/read/entertain/1744998.htm, 2019/02/08 09:15:22]