Bokang Kim and indict without detention.” with the driving without licenseThe sorry ” of the water it causes


The actor Bokang Kim installed the driving without license and it was exposed. The agency Eneojedik company of Bokang Kim revealed on 8th, “bokang Kim, as to one is the driving without license right” “arouse criticism and be sorry”. The world daily report reported this day previously afternoon to drive with the license-free to 40 minutes of p.m. 10 on 7th which Bokang Kim is over in one street of Kangnam-gu Yoksam-dong and be caught on the neck by the police. Bokang Kim violated another traffic law according to the news before being picked up due to the driving without license. Presently, it is the condition where it is booked without detention. It summons Bokang Kim sooner or later and as to police, the ear is planning to go to the investigation. The criminal punishment, and etc. against can be hit if the driving without license is exposed among the period for withdrawal of license. He is the condition where the withdrawal of license changes into the drunk driving at August last year. Geysen steam of was played a role in the olive drama ‘the room of Eunju’ recently and Bokang Kim gave notice of the face. He rising to the stage with the play ‘the world friend’ got to drop out in the middle due to the driving without license recently. Meantime, after making debut through the original musical ‘Mary Mary’ in 2007, Bokang Kim appeared on the various works. It appeared in the movie ‘money back’ and drama ‘if it is likely to speak in her’ etc. recently.
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